Whistler mobile massage

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Her school curriculum consisted of accumulated clinical hours in the school clinic, hospitals, rehabilitative centres, gyms and spas within Vancouver area. This experience has allowed her to discover the settings she wishes to work in and the strengths of modalities she wishes to incorporate in her treatments. Brooke is friendly and enthusiastic about taking care of her clients and helping them to understand how to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. She offers a wide variety of modalities in her treatments and uses them accordingly to address the needs of her clients requests and present condition.

Often a combination of Swedish techniques, myofasial work, trigger point therapy and stretching are incorporated to obtain best. She takes special interest in providing deep tissue massage, headache and migraine relief, promoting relaxation, postural correction and correction of whiplash injuries.

She strongly believes that these two professions go hand in hand with having a thorough understanding of the human body. Brooke believes that with accumulative knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as movement and alignment, she can help to assist people reach their health and wellness goals. Brooke loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mind. She keeps active hiking. Brooke loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mind through fitness and yoga.

She keeps active hiking, biking and paddle boarding and enjoys camping, boating and being with her family.

Whistler mobile massage

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