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By Rosalind RussellReuters Life! The book is packed with tips on dating, kissing, sexual positions, weddings, living abroad and bringing up children. An early chapter gives basic advice on how to meet your foreign man: hang out in a bar, hotel or department store, be alone, wear a sexy dress, make eye contact, and, if you get the chance, tell a funny story.

A certain stigma has always been attached to poor Thai women marrying foreigners.

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At worst it is seen as an extension of a red-light transaction, an exchange of youth and beauty for money and security. But the book portrays a more romantic vision.

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Western men, it enthuses, are kind and respectful and less likely to have the bad habits sometimes associated with Thai men which include drinking, adultery and violence. While your foreign man may be years -- even decades -- older than you, see that as a good thing.

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An old man has more money. And foreigners are much more likely to accept a divorcee or widow, it claims, women not considered ideal wives in traditional Thai society. Written in simple Thai, and available at bookstore chains across Thailand, the slim tome is aimed at impressionable, uneducated women and would be seen as a joke by many Thai women, said Aomjai Sarkhampee, a year-old teacher in Bangkok.

But in rural Thailand, finding a foreign husband is a common aspiration for young women.

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In the poor northeast, an influx of more than 15, foreign men has brought an economic windfall and a welcome alternative to back-breaking work in the paddy fields. Lifestyle Updated.

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Why Thai Women Prefer Foreign Men