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Hemorrhoids are incredibly common, with more than 3 million cases each year.

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Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. They become incredibly irritated when a person has a bowel movement. In fact, approximately half of all adults have been bothered by hemorrhoids by age 50, though not all suffer with symptoms of irritation. External hemorrhoids are located around the anus and clearly visible.

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The opening of the anus has many nerve endings, which is why these hemorrhoids are often painful, particularly when you have a bowel movement. External hemorrhoids can prolapsewhich means they get so big the bulge outside of the anal sphincter. When hemorrhoids become inflamed, they may grow larger and bleed bright red blood during bowel movements.

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If you experience any rectal bleeding, see a general surgeon immediately. Hemorrhoid surgery is only necessary for a small percentage of all hemorrhoid patients.

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When conservative treatment measures fail, your doctor may recommend hemorrhoid banding or surgery. Banding is when a small rubber band is placed on an internal hemorrhoid to cut off the blood supply, and shrink and destroy the hemorrhoid tissue.

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External hemorrhoids or thrombosed hemorrhoids may require a general surgeon to surgically remove the hemorrhoid tissue. Woodworth Loop, Palmer, AK Phone : Fax : Toggle .

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Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are incredibly common, with more than 3 million cases each year. Did you know… hemorrhoids are very common and increasingly occur with age?

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What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? What are the surgical treatment options for hemorrhoids? Open toolbar.

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