Walking dead dating quizzes

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Hey, guys! Especially when it is about one of our favorite shows, The Walking Dead!

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We are going to take you back to the basics by posting up a series of trivia games and quizzes starting from the beginning. She graduated from Hofstra University in with a B. Shannon has been a proud member of the Fan Fest team since Tweet her in your prettiest bird voice: shannontoo. Have fun and enjoy!

Start the quiz! What color is the bucket that Amy used to find mushrooms? How far is the alley that Glenn tells Rick to run to after escaping the tank surrounded by Walkers? Before exiting the tank, what three items does Rick take with him? Beretta gungrenade, and his hat. Beretta gungrenade, and knife. Beretta gunshovel, and grenade. Grenade, Beretta gunand empty ammo clip. While running through the crowd of walkers to get to Glenn, how many rounds does Rick shoot before running out of ammo? What item does Merle ask T Dog to get him from Dale's tool bag?

What is the name of the Walker that Rick and Glenn use to smear 'Guts' on themselves? What year was the walker that Rick and Glenn use to smear 'Guts' born? How much money did the walker have before he died? What was the name of the girl's picture that the walker had inside his wallet?

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How many walkers jump over the fence before the horde breaks through it when Rick and Glenn run for the construction truck? What song is playing as Glenn drives out of Atlanta and by what band?

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How many people, including Rick, are in Atlanta? How many members make it back to base camp? What is the color of Dale's umbrella on the top of the RV? Blue and white. Green and White. Red and white. Orange and white. True or false? Rick is reunited with his son and wife at the end of this episode. Share the quiz to show your ! Just tell us who you are to view your ! Share your Facebook. Shannon Toohey.

Walking dead dating quizzes

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