Vixen envy star

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It all begins with RuPaul, who was born with her sun and moon in Scorpio. Meet the ruler of the underworld, which exposes the mistruths, violations and artifice of our supposed reality. Scorpio observes the power dynamics in human relationships, choosing to transform them, or build a world in which it can enforce those dynamics over others. And so, in casting the show, RuPaul has largely avoided sharing the screen with other Scorpios. Capricorn is the of authority, governance, and strategy, and its emissaries are, first and foremost, survivors.

Alyssa Edwards came back, back, back again on All-Stars and snatched her own Netflix series. Silky proved unkillable on All Stars 6lip-syncing six times before Eureka finally finished her. Though RuPaul may be averse to other Scorpios in the game, she favors her fellow water s, with Cancer and Pisces racking up the highest headcount, at 18 and 19 total contestants, respectively.

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While air s can prove to be obtuse and secretive, fire s too individualistic to submit, and earth s unbreachable in their ways, water s embody total emotional openness. By representing and passing on a legacy, they fulfill the primary directive of the of the mother. Davenport, and Scarlet Envy. But the sine qua non of Drag Race is the classic awakening arc, in which Ru pushes a girl to bring out the diva she never knew she had within. For such narratives of becoming, look to Taurus and Libra, both ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, who acts for the sake of being seen, received, and adored.

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Whether they know it or not, the Taurus and Libra competitors have the potential to incarnate as a living Aphrodite, and, in the cultivation of their gifts, RuPaul mines television gold. Libra, the of the social climber, makes for the best reality TV trajectories.

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These are the girls who start in the sticks and claw their way to the top. David Odyssey.

Vixen envy star

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