Use of in at on

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When printing thisyou must include the entire legal notice. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Prepositions expressing spatial relations are of two kinds: prepositions of location and prepositions of direction.

Both kinds may be either positive or negative. Prepositions of location appear with verbs describing states or conditions, especially be ; prepositions of direction appear with verbs of motion. This handout deals with positive prepositions of location that sometimes cause difficulty: atonand in. The handout is divided into two sections. The first explains the spatial relationships expressed by the three prepositions.

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The second examines more closely the uses of in and on. Prepositions differ according to the of dimensions they refer to. We can group them into three classes using concepts from geometry: point, surface, and area or volume.

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Prepositions in this group indicate that the noun that follows them is treated as a point in relation to which another object is positioned. Prepositions in this group indicate that the position of an object is defined with respect to a surface on which it rests. Prepositions in this group indicate that an object lies within the boundaries of an area or within the confines of a volume. Notice that although in geometry surface and area go together because both are two-dimensional, in grammar area and volume go together because the same prepositions are used for both.

In light of these descriptions, atonand in can be classified as follows:. Before going on, explain to yourself the spatial relations shown in each sentence. At calls for further comment.

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Because it is the least specific of the prepositions in its spatial orientation, it has a great variety of uses. Here are some of them:. In 5athe bank can be understood as a point defining Tom's location, much as in 1 above. It makes less sense to think of a fair as a point in 5b since fairs are usually spread out over a fairly large area. Probably at is used in this case just because it is the least specific preposition; it defines Sue's location with respect to the fair rather than some other place.

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Nouns denoting enclosed spaces, such as a field or a window, take both on and in. The prepositions have their normal meanings with these nouns: on is used when the space is considered as a surface, in when the space is presented as an area:. Notice that in implies that the field is enclosed, whereas on implies only that the following noun denotes a surface and not necessarily an enclosed area:.

When the area has metaphorical instead of actual boundaries, such as when field means "academic discipline," in is used:. Several common uses of in and on occur with street. The first two follow the general pattern of in and on usage. The third is an idiom that must be learned as a unit.

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In athe street is understood as an area enclosed by the sidewalks on either side. Compare b with the discussion of sentence 3 in the first section. Here, on locates the house on either side of Third Street; it doesn't mean that the street is a surface on which the house sits. Because the street is understood as a line next to which the house is situated, on functions much like at in its normal use; in other words, it locates the house in relation to the street but does not specify the exact address.

For that purpose, at is used because the address is like a particular point on the line. Compare: "Our house is at Third Street. In and on are also used with means of transportation: in is used with a car, on with public or commercial means of transportation:. Some speakers of English make a further distinction for public modes of transportation, using in when the carrier is stationary and on when it is in motion. General Writing Grammar Prepositions. The cattle are grazing on the open range. This is an idiom meaning that he's poor.

Use of in at on

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Everyday Grammar: In, On, and At