Tampa used bicycles

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The Coalition was formed by a partnership between the following:. We will work to make walking and bicycling safe, healthy, and fun for everyone who lives, works, or plays in the Tampa Bay area. Joe sees cycling not only as a fun, healthy activity, but also as a tool of empowerment.

She began as an assistant and parking cashier, gradually moving up in the organization over her 11 years of service. Stephanie now oversees valet, courier, employee shuttle and garage operations for the hospital. Stephanie is an active member of LEAD TGH; a group devoted to empowering new leaders and giving them the tools they need to succeed in their role. She serves on the planning committee, specifically in charge of venues and coordination. He has taught narrative journalism at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies.

He currently lives in Tampa with his wife and three children. She began the program at USF inwith experience in congestion reduction studies gained when she was an Intern in Kenya.

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Ever since, she has built her passion for better access to mobility and equality in the transportation industry. She is the current Lead Program Assistant of Shift Tampa Bay, a program which seeks to create awareness on alternative ways of commuting in order to reduce vehicle miles travelled.

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She hopes to develop her knowledge to promote active transportation change in cities through proper planning initiatives and keep advocating for equitable public transportation. She picked up an interest in community outreach and hopes to keep enlightening people on the importance of advocating for better, safer and well-maintained transportation infrastructure. She loves her two mile morning runs while listening to her favorite music albums. Randy has learned that all riders want to be able to ride their bicycles safely, and know that they and their loved ones are respected on the road.

Steele Olmstead J. Steele Olmstead is a trial attorney who has helped injured bicyclists for years. He grew up riding a bicycle and adopted a bicycling lifestyle beginning as a military kid on the U. Air Force bases on which he lived. Armed with carefully developed missions, goals and objectives, the Teams undertake traffic safety-related projects and activities and serve as a resource to any and all communities, local government agencies and roadway users to assist in the reduction of traffic crashes and the related injuries and fatalities on our roadways.

The MPO seeks to improve transportation in the county for all principal modes of travel, including mass transit, walking, and bicycling, as well as automobile. The MPO relies extensively on public involvement to guide the development of its plans and programs. Staff members regularly appear before professional and civic groups to discuss transportation topics and issues related to its planning program. Staff also attends public events such as community forums, workshops and festivals to share information about MPO plans and to collect feedback from citizens regarding their transportation concerns and interests.

Pete, and how the founders were particularly instrumental in bringing the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus to the community. Pete campaign, which I now feel is some of my most important work in this role!

I feel so honored to be involved in helping our city become more car-free, resulting in better sense of place, healthier individuals, safer streets, a cleaner environment, and a stronger economy. Pete Committee. Honestly, I thought we would be struggling to get 12 individuals to up, which is how big we wanted our committee to be, but we ended up having over 20 applicants! While it was awful to have to turn people away, it was so exciting to see how many people are passionate about transportation in our community!

Love to Ride was a very natural fit for Laura. As a CEO and long-time health and fitness professional, she spent years building service and consumer goods brands to spread the great word about exercise. Along with being eco-conscious, her love for biking made Love to Ride a heavenly fit.

Some of her best are when she has no particular place to be, no particular pace to ride, and nothing on her mind. Originally from Oklahoma, Joy and her husband discovered Florida when they competed in a triathlon at Clearwater Beach in The combination of beach, perfect November weather, and the Pinellas Trail was all it took for them to fall in love with the Sunshine State. Now they spend as much time as possible outside, whether it be bicycling, running, walking, or kayaking. I started riding five years ago after my son did the triathlon on Honeymoon Island and I saw there were people of all different ages and abilities also participating——and they were happy!

I loved the biking——running, not so much.

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I became a ride leader right away as there were very few introductory slower group rides. I also love variety so I could do different trails every weekend if you lead a ride, you get to choose when, where, what, how far, how fast, etc. It has been very rewarding for me to lead rides. I lost 60 pounds, am off all medications, including anti-depressants and cholesterol meds. Riding has been my fountain of youth and I have made dozens of new friends.

The group I lead, Tampa Bay Cycling, used to be called Pinellas Pedalers, but that name was limiting and misleading as we love variety and lead rides not only in Pinellas County, but also Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, and occasionally in other counties, too. Because we offer over 50 group rides a month, have a friendly non-trash-talking environment, and are free to participants, our growth has been phenomenal. We have doubled our participation in the past year to over 2, members on Meetup and over 2, on Facebook.

In just three months, our Love to Ride group has logged the second-highest of miles worldwide of any size group. Hopefully that recognition will help Tampa Bay Cycling grow even further and make folks aware that Tampa Bay is the place to bike! Tampa Bay Cycling is different than many groups as we have no dues, we offer rides at a variety of speeds, and in many varied locations throughout Tampa Bay.

All rides are guided by volunteer leaders. We foster group safety on rides, and truly do not allow trash-talking about other riders. The vast majority of rides are social, not race types, or with pacelines. It is a group where folks can start biking and grow in ability all while having fun, making new friends, and biking new places throughout Florida.

Riding the waterfront in St. Pete and Pass-A-Grille are favorites. Truly amazing and so varied. We live in paradise. My personal goal for is to surpass my mileage of 6, in by at least a mile, continue to find and give free rides to blind stokers via the Blind Stokers Club on my tandem, and keep the rubber side down at all times! I am also contemplating becoming ride leader for Fuller Center Bike Adventure, including cross-country fundraising bike rides for the homeless. I also hope to once again spend a week riding with my nine grandchildren at a Delaware beach.

Rodney has always been very active throughout his life. He even earned a scholarship to play basketball for Eckerd College. After graduation, he continued to play basketball and lift weights. Rodney also started cycling casually; he bought a Trek so that he and his wife could ride the Pinellas Trail together. A basketball injury to his Achilles heel redefined activity level, however. I now am back down to the weight that I was in high school and my last physical exam was really good. As an LCI, Tina has taught bicycle education to hundreds of people, from members of law enforcement to children at bicycle rodeo events.

Tina enjoys riding her bike on roadways, multi-use shared paths, and off-road trails. Paula Flores Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do until we no longer experience fatalities and serious injuries on our streets. Learning how to ride a bike is something that many neurotypical individuals inherently learn but those with special needs may need this skill broken down into additional steps in order to master it. This hope, combined with her passion, has inspired her to help bring iCan Bike Camp to Tampa Bay this summer for the first time ever. Prior to the birth of her son, Alexander, she worked in cash and treasury management at a local Tampa Bay company.

When Alexander arrived, she became at stay at home mom, enabling her to pursue additional training in the therapies Alexander participated in to help him be the best he can be. She incorporates these therapy techniques into all aspects of his life. Michelle also works in collaboration with elected officials, business and community leaders to create Age Friendly Communities where people can safely and affordably live, work, learn and explore as they age. AARP Florida is pleased to have wonderful partners statewide to make the Sunshine State more age friendly to residents of all ages and abilities.

Michelle has been an AARP employee for over 20 years. In that role, she led a marketing team of seven staffers and was responsible for all aspects of marketing, communications, public relations, and branding for the agency. Cyndi holds two Associates degrees, with honors, from St. Petersburg College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and Literature from Eckerd College, where she graduated with distinction.

Prior to starting AQC, she held highly responsible state, county, and municipal positions for 22 years. These include serving as director of transportation for Pinellas County, public works administrator and city engineer for City of Clearwater, and assistant district drainage engineer and Project Development and Environment project manager for FDOT. She has been married to her husband, Abdi, for 38 years. Their sons, Cameron and Keon, are also aspiring engineers. Arasteh is active in her community and participates in many fundraisers and marathons for charitable causes.

AQC is a minority women-owned business that provides local government with high-quality project management, planning, and de and construction phase support with roadways traffic control, intelligent transportation systems, drainage, and utilities. Kyle Simpson City of St.

Petersburg Transportation Planner. The ride pace never goes above 10 mph, which serves to make the ride accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Kyle started bicycling in his teens when his cousin talked him into going on a Teen Treks trip, a program that operates bicycle tours for middle and high school students. After that first trip from Albany, NY to Provincetown, MA he attained a fervor for bike touring and went on to bike across the United States in and across 11 countries in Europe in after graduate school. It was the trips he did as a teenager that led him to the Urban Planning field.

Deborah has also played an integral role in the Safe Routes to School program. She has trained elementary and middle school physical education teachers on bicycle safety topics and has assisted with bike clinics during classes. Through her efforts, more than 12, students have received hands-on experiential education on bike and pedestrian safety topics.

However, as adults, many of us forget to follow our own advice. We should make an ongoing effort to model the behaviors we want our kids to imitate in order to keep themselves safe. Deborah is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and Instructor, an American Heart Association First Aid and CPR Basic Life Support Instructor, and she le the adolescent education team, providing classroom education on numerous topics from hand washing and safe baby to puberty education and nutrition.

Prior to working at SJCH, Deborah was a science teacher in both public and private school sectors for a combined 14 years in Tampa. Michael started working on transportation issues as a volunteer on the Hillsborough transportation referendum.

He has advocated for better ro, safer pedestrian access, and more transit options in policy positions with the Tampa Bay Partnership, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and United Way Suncoast. His goal is to be able to walk to a train station near his house in Port Tampa City with his wife and daughter.

As a committee member, he is able to bring a regional perspective to the development and delivery of county-based transportation products and services, as well as help coordinate efforts across counties where needed. He also serves as an alternate advisory member to the Tampa Bay Transportation Management Area Leadership Group and works closely with area legislators to advise on planning-related issues and to develop policies that further the efforts of cross-county transit and transportation services.

He has a B. Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from USF, and specializes in bringing an interdisciplinary approach to transportation planning by combining economic development, engineering, land use, and social marketing. He has also served as a touring and recording musician with several national artists. She assisted with managing pedestrian and bicycle grants in addition to naturalistic driving studies, motorcycle safety, and wrong way driving research.

She is passionate about people, safety, health, and community. In her spare time, she teaches yoga and meditation classes to assist others in living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Through this, bicycling keeps me healthy in body and mind. I wanted to become an LCI, because bike safety is crucial not only for me, but for all road users. In she won the annual Educator of the year award from the Florida Bicycle Association. His professional interests include promoting safe, equitable, and healthy communities through active transportation planning and context sensitive de. She has over 20 years of cycling experience in project management, route logistics, event directing and marketing from positions at Bike Wisconsin, Bike MS Breakaway to the Keys and Bike Florida.

Lucas Cruse City of St. Petersburg Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator.

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He is currently pursuing a Ph. He is the father of twin girls.

Tampa used bicycles

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