Sex with old age lady

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While it may not exactly be considered breaking news to learn that women have sex less often as they age, the reasons are often left unanswered. Physical changes, along with a drop in levels of hormones like estrogen and testosteroneare usually cited as the biological reasons, but little research has been devoted to finding out how aging affects sexuality from the perspective of the women experiencing it. In a subgroup of 4, British women, less than one-quarter of the participants were sexually active. FSAQ, a widely used and validated questionnaire, measures self-reported sexual activity and function about sexual frequency, desire, enjoyment, and discomfort.

About one-half of the women surveyed were sexually active, although during the course of the study a decrease in all aspects of sexual activity was reported, according to the authors. Nearly 4, women out of that cohort elected to write in comments in subsequent sections of the survey.

Researchers focused on these participants and their answers for this paper as a way to better understand the thoughts and feelings behind the responses. Subjects were age 50 and older, with an average age of Close to 65 percent of the women had an intimate partner, and For the 3, women Close to 16 percent of women pointed to a lack of interest as the reason for not having sex; relationship problems, logistics like shift work or lack of privacyand poor self-image were also cited.

Only 3 percent of the participants described positive sexual experiences, and only 6 percent sought medical help, usually from a primary care doctor, for sexual problems. Some women reported that they or their partner felt embarrassed to discuss sexual issues with a healthcare provider. These responses tell us that health is an important factor for continued sexual activity and satisfaction in older age, says Dr. Streicher was not involved in this research. Sexual health post-menopause is important to understand, says Streicher.

On average, women go through menopause transition at 51, says Streicher. Factor that in with the 50 percent divorce rate in this country and it means we not only have older people in long-term relationships, but in new sexual relationships as well, she says. The relatively small of women limits the study, as does a potential bias; this subgroup was only comprised of the women who were motivated to leave comments on the survey, says Harder.

We know that this group was less likely to have an intimate partner or be sexually active than the larger cohort, she says. The study population, which was predominantly white and talked about heterosexual relationships, also limited the research, she says. A satisfied sex life starts with good communication, says Harder. Harder and Streicher offer suggestions on how to have a more satisfying sex life as you age:. Health Topics. Health Tools. Sexual Health. By Becky Upham.

Reviewed: July 16, A Look at the Sexuality Survey Participants Subjects were age 50 and older, with an average age of

Sex with old age lady

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Research Looks at the 'Why' Behind Sexual Dissatisfaction in Postmenopausal Women