Red light area blackpool

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A survey carried out by The Mirror asked every council in England and Wales how many registered sex venues they had in their district. After counting up the of sex shops, pornographic cinemas and intimate entertainment venues, they measured how many establishments there were per resident.

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One of the most notorious locations listed is former red light district in Soho, which boasts a of X-rated shops and showrooms. This has no doubt affected the outcome of theas Westminster City Council revealed that they had 30 sex venues in the borough.

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Staggeringly, while there is an average of aroundsex shops per person in the UK, there is one for every 8, in Westminster. Research revealed that residents of Blackpool and Newcastle were the second and third areas with the most sexual establishments. The survey estimates that in total there are around operating sex venues in England and Wales. Of these registered buildings, are sex shops, are used for sexual entertainment and 12 are pornographic cinemas.

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HOW many sex shops and venues are located in your city? New research reveals the seedy hotspots of England and Wales… and some of them may surprise you. Related Stories. Oh God yes! Bubble burst The soap stars whose off-screen behaviour got them the sack. Warning Graphic.

Red light area blackpool

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Drugs, prostitution and cuckooing: The Preston area where residents are crying out for help from police