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Launched inHater made a buzz around the internet stratosphere by taking the swiping feature that made Tinder into the success that it is today and turning it completely around. It promised to match people based on what they hate instead of the usual "mutual interests" the general public's curiosity was piqued. Founder Brendan Alper reportedly based this idea on a comedy skit and studies showing that people who bond over mutual hates tend to develop deeper connections. Since then, the app has amassed a community ofworldwide users. There is no official about the closure of the company who developed the app.

Here you can see how membership figures at Hater are developing compared to others. The members of Haters are not really hateful people. Actually, they are wanting to be liked and to meet people who they like as well. But not for very serious relationships. Since the app has easy-to-use features, members are attracted to use it. They are more likely to respond and make a match.

However, not all are pushed to have real dates. Hater has a very basic -up process which you can finish in a matter of 5 minutes. You can register by connecting your Facebook or getting the app to send you a verification code. As expected, the Facebook method was faster. If you register through Facebook, your name, gender, and birthday are automatically imported to Hater but these can be modified right away.

The site will not be posting information without your consent so you have nothing to worry about. During the ing up process, you have to supply some information about yourself like your interests and up to 5 photos. You may also set the information about the age range of your target match. Once you and a user swipe right on each other, a match is formed and you can start messaging. Matches can send a limited of messages everyday, so you better say everything before you run out of chances.

You can still send direct messages to your non-matches, but only once every 12 hours. When a conversation with someone has started, there are options that will help you break out of that dry "hey" or any corny opening lines. A lively conversation can start from there. There's no option to choose or search for a match by yourself, but you can help the app find appropriate matches by supplying honest and correct information about yourself.

The profile information is basic. On the user tab at the bottom of the phone screen, you'll see your potential matches. Once you click on any of your matches, you will be able to view their profile. The matches are curated based on your mutual hates and loves. Your compatibility with another member is shown as a percentage.

When you click this percentage, you'll see the user's list of top hated and loved topics. To see another member's photos, you can tap on the middle of the screen. Before, it was only available in the USA and Canada, but recently it has expanded to the rest of the world.

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The founders are reportedly planning to roll out and premium subscriptions later in During the time of update, the app is not available when you search it on the app stores. However, there is no official statement that it has been shut down and the website is still up and running.

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But when you click the link, it will just redirect you to the home and not on the Hater App download. But I agree with the others, it could be better if the functionality was improved. There aren't many users yet so your interactions might be limited. But in my experience, whenever I matched with someone, it's always a good match. I don't know, maybe it's just my luck. That's why I keep persevering even though the app freezes a lot.

The developers need to find ways so that users can interact in a common space, like a forum or something. I just hope the glitches and bugs get fixed before the world grows bored from it. That's good since it's not complicated to use, it's free, and there are real people that you can meet. Met a few already for drinks. But nothing too serious here. Anyway, if I would like to find a real relationship, I will not be using this.

It's all for fun. Haters have a lot of contacting features. In addition to that, it has another feature to break the ice between members who are trying to communicate with each other. In addition to the 4, topics already going around, you can also submit your own which users can swipe on.

Anyone can submit a topic, but it still has to undergo moderation before it is approved. However, there are some obvious no-no's, especially in an app that centers on negativity.

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Topics that discuss "racial segregation or ethnicity and showing contempt for individuals based on their socioeconomic background" are expressly forbidden. Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible. This dating site is different and special. Last updated: October This is how active Hater members are compared to others.

Most members are looking for casual relationships There are male members than females Member activity is high Most members are young adults Majority of registered users are from the United States. Due to the nature of the app, it is typical to see young members around. Quick and easy registration Mobile app only; available on the Apple App store and Google Play up only through Facebook or your phone You can opt to receive a one-time SMS from the desktop website 5 photo uplo maximum Registration is free.

Only one direct message can be sent per 12 hours for non-matches You can "send a card" as a form of icebreaker "Fill the blank" is also another icebreaker Can be matched with local or international members Age and location range can be changed Swipe right or left to show your interest to another member. Profiles are only presented based on matching percentage Free searching is not available Includes photos, name, age, location, and match percentage A person's hates and loves are also shown Users are only in their first names.

You can see users based on local or global preference. Is Hater expensive or cheap? In comparison to other providers Hater is free of charge. Hater truly is a unique and interesting app. Instead of going on rants on your social media s about things you truly despise, you can just use this app to share mutual hatred and feel comfort in knowing that a lot of people hate the same things that you do. However, that's where the fun ends.

At some point, you're going to get tired of deciding whether you really hate reality TV or if Tina Fey really is annoying. Once you get bored of swiping, you can head on to your matches and do more swiping. Another problem is that profile details are too limited. We doubt that you would be able to calculate someone's personality based on measly particulars.

If you want dating apps with more features to keep your attention, head on over to our Dating Apps category. Hater FAQ. Facts Who is the founder of Hater? Hater was founded by Brendan Alper, an alumnus of Goldman Sachs. When was Hater created? Hater was launched in January How does the Hater app work? It presents you with various topics from loud chewing to cargo shorts to Kim Jongun that you must swipe left to hate or right to love. Your answers are collated and you are then shown matches who more or less hated and loved the same things that you did.

It was reported that it has stopped operations but there's no official statement about it. What happened to that Hater app in Shark Tank? Even though the deal with Mark Cuban apparently didn't pan out, Hater is still thriving, having recently expanded to include Android downlo. Where can I watch the Shark Tank episode? You can watch it on Youtube or the ABC news website. Is the Hater app available for Android? At the beginning, it was only available in Apple Store, then it became available in Google Play Store. However, it's currently not available on both. What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be found on the bottom bar of their website. Is Hater available for PC? As of the time of writing, it can't be used on a desktop site yet. Contact How do I contact Hater? You can them at contact haterdater. How to delete my ? Go to your profile and click the gear-like icon on the top right of your screen. Scroll down and hit "Delete " and hit "OK".

How many photos can I ? You can only five photos. You can directly import photos from your Facebook, from your mobile's gallery, or take a new photo. Can I change the gender of my potential matches? You can select either men or women. Selecting both is also possible. How to report a certain user? If you wish to report a user, just click the no icon on his or her profile. Are there any features that I can purchase to boost my ? Hater has no additional paid features. Payment How much does Hater cost? The app is completely free for download and use.

You did not find your question? Ask us! Share your Hater experience Write your Hater review. Personalized Recommendation. Which dating site is right for you? Get your personalized recommendation Get more info Contact details E-Mail: contact haterdater. Better than Hater eHarmony.

Online dating haters

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