Okcupid banned my ip

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On my home's wifi, the site lo but says but tells me something is wrong when I enter my password. When I do it using my phone's data, it works fine.

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If I switch from data back to wifi while on the site, the site still lo but has a message like, "This isn't supported on the mobile site" and when I try the regular site on wifi, it lo but presents another message about not being usable. If I try to create a new it tells me my zip code and password is invalid both on my laptop and on the phone, on wifi.

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I recently moved and I am using the wifi provided by my landlord; is it possible the IP address was blocked by okcupid? I've ed them, but not sure if I'll hear back. I also tried access the site at a coffee shop today, on their wifi and on my phone, and it also didn't work not entirely sure if that was the wifi connection there or the site; the didn't load at all. Any thoughts? It'll be pretty annoying to only be able to access the site using my phone's data, and I actually wanted to start using it again Response by poster: PS- just tried a different wifi network using xfinity one hour complimentary pass at home and I can access the site with that.

If you don't get an answer here, I've sent problems to OKC's help desk before, and got it resolved in a couple of days.

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In my case, the mobile site didn't like my VPN, but it sounds like it might be something different for you. Are you running a free vpn app on your home network, or is someone else? Response by poster: zippy- I'm not I live alone but in a building with a few other units.

I don't think we're all on the same wifi network but I share with at least one other person. Response by poster: sorry to threit; I have tried in incognito mode and it still doesn't work.

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I read somewhere that they do that sometimes Best answer: Your landlord's wifi may be set up with a DNS server that has bad or incomplete IP addresses for match or some of it's internal servers. These servers are usually defaulted to your internet providers own servers and they translate the written domain name match. If you have access to the router, you can usually change these to google's DNS 8. If not, you may be able to configure this in your device as well.

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Best answer: I used to have this problem, and it was just my crappy wifi. The al wasn't strong enough. I think OK Cupid is a data-eater, maybe even more so than Facebook.

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Response by poster: I finally got a reply from Okcupid. They said that the IP address had been banned by a user who violated their TOS I recently moved to this apartment building and the wifi is provided by landlord and shared with other residents I don't know. Okcupid unbanned the wifi but said they may have to ban it again if TOS are violated again. Relationship State of the Union Newer ».

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Okcupid banned my ip

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