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I read a recent article which asked whether the descendants of black slaves should sue the former slave owners for repatriations. I would like to ask the motherless community whether they agree this is a good thing. There was a question as to who should receive the money, but I think some sort of black american college fund would be a good idea, so that smart young black people can go to the same colleges as smart people of other races.

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Of course, this would open the door to all former colonies suing their former colonial masters for all the resource stealing, forced labour, genocide and general ass-fucking that occurred in the 17th and 18th centuries. The only problem with this is that the governments of the Western realms are broke as fuck, and all in debt to China and Russia.

Rewind 10 days and I found that if administered while there was a stim in my system a dose of Lunesta had the effect of making me "black out" for 3ish hours, during about 1 hour of which I was uncontrollably horny and disinhibited masturbating, speaking about taboo subjects.

I was having really disgusting and obscene conversation before going to sleep in my bedroom. Luckily my housemate knew I was experimenting with a new drug Couldn't sleep from an "upper" withdrawal as I had been having terrible "insomnia" - as it was just on the pack's side effects she just laughed it off. Actual administration of a stimulant and then the Lunesta would be easy, just in her soda over the evening.

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I figure I could just do this and then addict my victim withdrawal is almost impossible from z-drugs or blackmail her? I figured perhaps I could make my money back by camgirling her or perhaps prostitution. Not that I would likely ever do it unless I was ridiculously under the effect of something, but just wondering if anyone sees a flaw? I grant that it's a fairly "hit or miss" approach but I have plenty of time. Could even just addict her and go about it in a more blunt way. Oh well, since I got a good night's sleep after that night using a heroic dose of benzos I have been utterly enchanted with this idea, although I find myself rather guilty when I reflect upon how literally psychopathic it is.

Lemme tell you, there's nothing quite like it. I was on vacation for a few weeks, I work as a general contractor and make good money, been with this company for a bit over a decade. I've never been one to take vacation days just because the days I have off are good enough and I enjoy my job, but I decided why not go to a resort?

So I went to a resort in Hawaii and managed to do some stuff I've never been able to, mainly spearfishing and surfing.

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Been single for about 6 years, so I've got no strings attached. I met this girl at the bar, she was with some friends of hers drinking next to me. She had dirty blonde hair, nice figure, great tits, and an extremely cute face. She must've been about 5 foot 1. I wish I could remember her name but I was a bit drunk and it all happened so fast, I think her name was Alexandra or Andrea, I know it started with an A. Anyways, she had come down with her friends to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before college starts again.

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From the way she spoke I could tell she was from New England, maybe Connecticut. I asked her where she was going and she said Yale Medical School, she wanted to be a doctor. Damn, hot and smart. Eventually we started flirting a bit, drank more, and danced a bit. Long story short, she eventually came up to my room. Now is the good stuff. When we entered she immediately demanded I give her a bubble bath. It was weird, but whatevs, so we went to the tub, undressed, she put her hair in a bun since she didn't want it wet, and I gave her a bath, soaped her up and scrubbed her good, and even ed her in the tub.

She pleasured me a bit, giving me some strokes with her hands, and even gave me a bit of a footjob, which is heaven for a guy who loves feet like me. After we finished and got dried off, she jumped on the bed, took her hair out of the bun, and laid down all sexy and shit. I could tell she was experienced with this. Good, so am I. So, I laid down next to her, kissing her and running my tongue on her face and neck. She loved it.

Soon, she was laying her head on my chest, licking it, and clutching my cock like a handle while I stuck my fingers in her clit with one hand and fondled her tits with the other. Good foreplay like that is hard to come by, and she played well. Eventually we got tired of that and I ordered her to start giving me a BJ. She started giggling and said that she's never been ordered around before and that she kind of likes it.

She did as she was told and sucked on my dick like a lolipop, but she didn't forget about my balls either, she rubbed and licked them good as well. She then laid on her back and ordered me to do the same to her, so I gave her clit a nice licking. Her pussy juices were like nectar, very pleasing to the tongue I must say.

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Once that was finished, I sat up and began reaching for a condom, but she grabbed by hand and told me she wanted to feel me raw without one. I told her that if I went into her raw I wouldn't want to come out and she said so be it, that she knows her menstruation clock well and ovulated already, plus she has morning after pills with her.

So I pushed my cock into her. Her face contained so many emotions. Shock, pleasure, pain, etc.

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It was unreal. I began fucking her slowly at first, then started faster and faster until I was certain that I was causing her just as much pain as I was pleasure, but she loved it. She began clutching me for dear life and moaning like crazy. It was funny hearing her, it went "ooohhh I myself was roaring like an animal. I grabbed her by the hair and ordered her to look in my eyes, which she did.

Nice sound that is. I love submissive girls. Then we reached our climaxes and I came inside her. I didn't want to, but I told her very clearly that I would if she didn't want me wearing a condom. She just started laughing and told me she liked having a part of me inside her. Besides, she said, the risks of her getting pregnant are very low given the time of the month, and she has birth control anyways. I just laughed, shook my head, and grabbed her foot and playfully bit it. She then demanded more. More of what, I asked. I thrashed her pussy like mad, what more?

She told me to think. I knew what she wanted. So I grabbed her by the neck, told her she was a bad girl, then grabbed her body and flipped her on her belly, positioning my dick near her ass. She hunched over doggy style and said "be gentle". Knowing the risks of anal, I said of course, and pushed into her. Her ass held my dick like a damn vice for a few minutes before relaxing down, after which I began thrusting.

I made sure to go slow and not rush, and she seemed compliant with that. It was a good feeling, but after going slow for so long it started getting a bit boring. Her moans were different, like they were experiencing something new and unfamiliar and were getting a sense of whether she liked it or not. Eventually, she said "faster". So I went faster. I told her I didn't want to put her in the hospital. She said that if pleasuring myself meant putting her in the hospital, so be it. She said that right now, I was her master and she was my slave. Damn son. So I fucked her more roughly and faster.

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As fast as I did her pussy, fast enough to where I was making her moan loudly and I was getting fun out of it.

Moneyslave for asian girls ready to fuck

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