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I encountered Mekhong Whiskey back during my backpacking days. The Whiskey Perhaps the only aspect of Mekhong Whiskey that is anything like real whiskey is the orange-amber color. On the nose it has a sharp scent of pure spirits, like something you might use to disinfect a wound or wash out a stain. The flavor is bittersweet orange and ginger, with a tinge of artificiality about it. The finish has a raw edge. At a minimum, it is mixed with ice and water.

More often, Mekhong whiskey is used as a base for cocktails.

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In that respect, it is a lot like a Thai version of Southern Comfort, and in my opinion, as a whiskey it is just as vile. As a mixer, Mekhong has its virtues. As a whiskey, it is a complete dog and should be avoided. In Thailand, it is much cheaper. Tagged with: Review. I got a sample bottle of Mekhong and it is one of the spirits, which are still almost full — and will never be emptied. There are only few worse spirits I tried in my life: Indian cashew fanny and Chinese white spirit are two of those…. I was told the Mekhong Whiskey is no longer made. It was my understanding that the old chinese guy that owned the company sold it to the makers of Sam Song and they discontinued distilling it.

Is Mekhong just an export product now? Not that it will break my heart of I never taste the stuff again. The people here in Chiang Rai seem to prefer Sam Song, or the locally made rocket fuel. Ed, I just got back from Thailand a couple months ago and I seemed to be able to find Mekhong all over the place.

You can find them at Max Valu. This stuff is awesome for the price and a rating of F is unwarranted. Overall he does a good job describing its flavor, but an F rating is a bit overdramatic in my opinion.

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Much of what makes it seem unpalatable is the strangeness of its flavor, which is unlike anything else I have ever tasted, but it is drinkable straight. Pingback: Mekhong whisky Finalpricetruc. Ed Letts April 7, at pm. Distinguished Spirits May 12, at pm. Damien Noonan October 5, at am. Alfonse February 20, at am.

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Mekong whiskey thailand

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