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Equipment Procedure. Essential equipment Personal protective equipment Medicine s to be administered Recording sheet or book as required by law or hospital policy Patient's prescription chart, to check dose, route, etc. Electronic identity check equipment, where relevant Glass of water Medicine container disposable if possible. Show Introduce yourself to the patient, explain and discuss the procedure with them, and gain their consent to proceed.

To ensure that the patient feels at ease, understands the procedure and gives their valid consent NMC [ ]C. Before administering any prescribed drug, check that it is due and has not already been given. Carry out any required assessments, such as pulse, blood pressure and respiration. Check that the information contained in the prescription chart is complete, correct and legible.

Assessments are required to ensure the patient is fit enough to receive medication, for example blood pressure check before antihypertensives Chernecky et al. Before administering any prescribed drug, look at the patient's prescription chart and check the following: the correct patient is being given the drug drug dose date and time of administration route and method of administration diluent as appropriate validity of prescription ature of prescriber the prescription is legible.

To ensure that the correct patient is given the correct drug in the prescribed dose using the appropriate diluent and by the correct route DH [ 61 ]C ; RPS [ ]C. If any of these pieces of information are missing, unclear or illegible, do not proceed with the administration. Consult with the prescriber. Procedure 5. Show Select the required medication and check the expiry date. Treatment with medication that is outside the expiry date is dangerous. Drugs deteriorate with storage. Empty the required dose into a medicine container.

Avoid touching the preparation.

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Take the medication and the prescription chart to the patient. Check the patient's identity by asking them to state their full name and date of birth. If the patient is unable to confirm these details, then check the patient identity band against the prescription chart. Check the patient's allergy status by asking them or by checking the name band. To ensure that the medication is administered to the correct patient and prevent any errors related to drug allergies NPSA [ ]C. Patients have a right to information about treatment NMC [ ]C.

Assist the patient into a sitting position where possible. To ease swallowing and prevent aspiration Chernecky et al. Offer a glass of water, if allowed, assisting the patient where necessary.

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To facilitate swallowing of the medication Chernecky et al. To ensure that the medication is taken on time Chernecky et al. Show Record the dose given and the prescription chart. Also in any other place made necessary by legal requirement or hospital policy. View in context. Foreword to the tenth edition Preface Acknowledgements List of contributors Quick reference to the procedure guidelines.

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Looking for oral from someone close to Marsden

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