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A businessman has told how 30, litres of diesel was stolen from his truck stop.

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The Portsmouth Truckstop provides lorry drivers with a place to park overnight, shower and eat before filling up with fuel to continue their journeys. Mr O'Donnell said CCTV showed two lorries arriving at about midnight and someone climbing on top of one of the tankers to place a pipe into it. The footage then shows one lorry leaving an hour later, and the second leaving at about Mr O'Donnell said there were two tankers of fuel based on site and a meter in the office showing the amount of fuel remaining in each one.

He said they had a delivery of fuel the week, meaning their total fuel should have been 43, litres.

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But when he checked the fuel reading on Monday, it was 13, litres. Mr O'Donnell said: "It looks like a professional job, I've been watching through the footage again and again. He added: "With everything going on with the fuel shortage right now, it's just a crazy time. Send your story ideas to south.

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Hampshire Constabulary. Hampshire Constabulary said it was investigating. Related Topics. Portsmouth Fuel. Related Internet Links.

Lookinf ro ltr with a female football fan

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