Long distance relationship london

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Some people swear by long distance relationships.

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I was studying in Leeds, he was working in London. Hardly what Hollywood love stories are made of! In short, we met at a party in London, he was older, I was about to start University. It was basically a sugar-coated version of a real relationship. Then one day I woke up and realised that I was missing out on my first year of University and I ended it. Whilst it may not have been the trans-atlantic distance that many of my friends have since had to battle through, I can see the good and I can see the bad of the LDR. I do however, have friends who have done London-to-Hong Kong, York-to-Beijing, California-to-Australia, Paris-to-New York as well as London to, well pretty much every major city in Europe and America he was on tour in a band at the time.

For all their struggles, and of course there were many, most would agree that the good side of it was well worth all the Skype calls and increased phone bills. How to get to this point though is the hard part, and so I offer you 5 simple tips for surviving a long distance relationship. Try adding to that a hour time difference and separate continents and one can only imagine the fear that might be induced at the thought of your other half in a club at 1 in the morning surrounded by temptation. But be realistic — there will, of course, be times that a phone runs out of battery or the WiFi cuts out.

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If finances and time permits, you need to make the effort to visit one another. But, if situation is physically preventing this side of your relationship, you should think at getting digital. Sexting, phone sex, Skype sex… whatever you want to try your hand at. Whatever it is, you both need something to look forward to together.

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Long distance relationship london

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5 tips for surviving a long distance relationship