Lap dance for my wife

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This is the sixth part of a series of posts that describes our journey into the swinging lifestyle. At least we ould have never thought so! She was an exhibitionist. I was a voyeur. Nothing more. No one else was involved. Until I paid someone to do just that. I will never forget watching my wife get a lap dance for the first time. The images are so clear that I can replay the entire incident like a DVD. We were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, famous for its beaches and golf courses. As a result of the large s of men who come to the area on golf excursions, Myrtle Beach has a fair of strip clubs.

Perhaps, she had said, if everything clicked just the right way, she would be willing to get a lap dance. Of course, I was all for the idea of watching my wife get a lap dance. I had done a little research and found a club that I thought would strike the right balance.

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We took a seat toward the back of the club at a table that gave us a nice view of the dancers without putting us right into the middle of things. We enjoyed an hour or so of watching the various girls, flirting between ourselves and generally enjoying the evening. Eventually I asked her if she had seen anyone that she liked. Since we came with the intention of getting her a lap dance, we were both been watching the girls for the potential candidates. Turns out, I was right on the mark. The girl that Jessie picked looked the least likely to be a stripper.

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I confirmed that Jessie was sure she wanted to take the next step. A few minutes later we introduced ourselves to Annie. I asked her if she danced for couples. She did. She told us she had a few other promises to keep first and then she would be back. The anticipation was incredible. I could only imagine watching my wife get a lap dance, right in front of me. Let alone others who might be able to see!

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My mind raced with the possibilities of seeing another woman strip and tease her. Would she touch Jessie? Would they kiss? Would Jessie be able to touch her? The wait seemed to go on forever, but eventually we made our way up the stairs to the VIP area.

There were several small couches lining the walls of the darkened room. Naked and nearly naked women were everywhere, writhing and teasing glassy-eyed guys. Annie directed us to a couch. She asked who she was dancing for. My mouth was dry and my throat too tight to answer. I could only point to my wife. Annie smiled. Soon the next song began, and Annie slowly removed the few clothes she was wearing as her hips rocked to the beat.

She slid slowly down her body, making contact all the way. Jessie shuddered involuntarily. Jessie needed no other invitation.

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She immediately began to suck. I watched as Jessie took her breasts into her hands, licking and sucking one, then the other. I thought I was going to cum just from watching them. Jessie kissed it, then licked gently. She turned to me and gave me a look that I have seen many times. Jessie was wearing a black short skirt, a tight leotard-like white top that showed off her curves no bra and a red blazer.

The last minute or so of the song they stayed like that. Embracing one another, kissing each other deeply.

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The music ended, and I watched the two women disentangle. As we said good night to Annie, we exchanged a hug.

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Jessie told me later that she felt a twinge in her pussy to see my arms wrapped around her. I need to remember that. It will probably come in handy in the future! I thanked Annie for the dance. She looked startled, then apologized for being so forward with her. No apology necessary! We went straight back to the hotel. On the way, Jessie masturbated and sucked my cock. Somehow, we did. After we finished, we stripped and did it again — properly. I was awakened early the next morning by Jessie sucking my cock.

She was still soaked. As we began to play, she reached over the side of the bed to find the top she had worn the night before. She kept it close to her through both of our lovemaking sessions that morning. Watching my wife get a lap dance was far more than I could have hoped for, and it was the springboard to a whole dimension in our sex lives. At the time, we could only guess where that springboard would ultimately direct us.

Next: Strip clubs continued to be a good place for us to explore. Some time after meeting Annie, Jessie got to play — and be played with — with some new girls in another club. Read the next chapter in our story here. Cover image by Roman Khripkov on Unsplash. Address. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is usually one of the first three questions that swingers ask of one another.

We began as a nervous, inexperienced, young couple, exploring our own sexual interests and relationship. These posts are the result of our own journals, written through the years, seasoned with a few observations that only experience and hindsight can provide. These s have been written over the years. Many of them only a few hours after they occurred. Most have been edited so they will flow better on this site. I waited for our girl to make her way over to our side of the club. Like this: Like Loading Name Address Website.

We hope you enjoy them. If you still have questions, drop us a line. Island Discovery — A Novel She had plans for their vacation. But she couldn't have imagined how far she would go on this trip. Read our first erotic novel here.

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Lap dance for my wife

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