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Street view and Peter Jones c.

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It grew to occupy 26 premises on the Kings Road and was rebuilt as one department store in the s when it was one of the first stores in the country to be lit by electricity. Purchased by John Lewis init was rebuilt in the s in its current style and is now a Grade II listed building. Before the Peter Jones expansion and construction, the site originally also held a public house called the Star and Garter.

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The segment aired in America on 15th November You walked down an alley that actually said 'down this alley you will find Buzzy's Bistro' and you found the doorway to the basement, a few yards before the rubbish-bins, so what I remember very clearly is the insalubrious smell!

However, it didn't put anybody off it seems". The minute a new release was available, he bought it. Then you descended a steep flight of stairs down to the restaurant itself so the Bistro was below ground. Red and white check table-cloths, candles in straw-covered bottles covered in wax drippings, and a tiny round dance floor. The original boilers with their round metal-plate doors were kept - the doors painted matte black.

Minimal lighting and banquettes created an intimate atmosphere. I was 11 years old at the time, but accompanied my father some Sundays when he went to check all was in order. Double prawn-cocktail followed by banana-split was my standard lunch! The food was good, especially the steaks, all cooked by a highly temperamental chef who, when drunk, was known to threaten the waiters with a meat-chopper. In the evenings, people would dance between courses and have to be thrown out in the early hours". Loving food, they set up Rustums Le Gourmet it was further down the road, just a few doors from The Vale turning, on the north side of the road - ?

As Kings Rd rents soared, the street level unit was rented to a clothes store and the Angelique restaurant moved downstairs. At about It briefly ran as The Ritual for a time from c. Twenty Seven boutique c. In the upper floor in No. Blacklands comprised about 90 acres and prior to c. A report from stated 'On Sunday morning last, about 8 o'clock, Mr.

Rogers of Chelsea, crossing the common in order to go to Kensington, was knocked down by two footp who robbed him of his money and beat him in a barbarous manner and then made off across the fields towards Little Chelsea'. The name is perpetuated in the adjacent Blacklands Terrace. The establishment moved to Putney in and the building was briefly occupied by Oswald Moseley and his black-shirted British Union of Fascists including 'Lord Haw Haw' as a 'barracks', during which time it became known locally as 'The Black House'.

The building was demolished and replaced by flats in 5. In they opened a hairdressing salon Salon 33 in King's Road and their brother Franklin ed them in I decided to take a course in hairdressing and I loved it; I loved the way you could transform someone in two hours".

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Joseph Ettedgui began travelling to Paris to see the ready-to-wear collections, leading to a meeting and early business association with Japanese deer Kenzo Takada. He began to sell Kenzo sweaters in Salon 33, and in the first Joseph clothes store opened underneath the hairdressing premises. Anschel c. Smart s 33E Martins of Chelsea possibly - known to occupy the premises mids - electrical goods, radios and record shop 33F 33G 33H This block of units was the Blue Star garage until c. Battersby watchmakers and jewellers c. Jones c. Road access onto King's Road was closed in Also Not Known date?

Germain in Paris. With areas to eat and drink, dance and shop, it contained a soda fountain on the second floor, news stands, record stores, boutiques and of course a chemist. It was open sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, and at one time offered a service where purple catsuit-clad girls on motorcycles delivered purchases. It rapidly became one of the road's top venues. The inside of the store can be seen as it was in in the film 'Clockwork Orange' as the 'Musik Bootick'.

Pressure from local residents forced its closure in May and although a similar venture ' Harlequin Arcade ' opened later, it failed to emulate the success of the original. It was later renovated first as a pub, then as housing, and has more recently been taken over by a McDonalds restaurant. Other not known Jean Machine occupied the premises in 53 Casual Affair boutique? Eric Shemilt c. Zeev Aram opened his first showroom in at 57 Kings Road. A tiny showroom, with an open slot cut into the window for mail, contained bright, white, stainless steel des by Marcel Breuer, Castiglioni and Scarpa and the self-deed Dino storage system.

In he introduced des by Le Corbusier, P. Jeanneret and C. Nelson and R. Props in The shop closed in image c. Later Wagstaf f c. Later Take Six boutique c. Leonard's Studios 69A Nora Bradley shop c. It seems to have acquired the 'e' on the end around the start of the 20th century. Bythe Gold brothers owned eight boutiques and expanded this to thirty during the early Seventies. On Saturdays this was the site of an open air market called the Chelsea Flea Market. Inside 77 area 79 Vicky's of Chelsea ladies accessories c. Later a Wimpy Bar restaurant c. Gibbs and C. Baines began selling coffee from a shop in Vere Street, Mayfair, and moved to 30 Sloane Street as demand increased, next door to a food merchants called John Gardiner.

These may well have been the first branded high street coffee shops in the UK. In the s, the cafes were thriving, selling not only coffee but all sorts of cakes as well. Tom Kelly also acquired the rights to sell Gaggia espresso machines which they sold to other coffee bars. In the company changed its name to Kenco.

It was in the Kenco coffee shop that Radio Caroline's Ronan O'Rahilly and photographer friend Chris Moore first discussed the possibility of radio broadcasting from an offshore ship. Later Second Image c. Kwintner was also the owner of a chain of 16 menswear shops, 'Village Gate' which, at one time, was selling 3, suits a week.

ly a butcher's. It was not an 'elite' establishment, but served 'good fresh home-made food at good prices'. It closed in and was reopened in at Fulham Road by the son of the original owner. The premises were later combined with as Wakefords. Images show different establishments, names unclear. The curved shop windows pictured still exist. The premises were combined with and refitted in to become the new John Michael Club dell'Aretusa c. This was an elite establishment and allegedly the location of John Lennon's first public appearance with Yoko Ono at the pre-launch party for Apple Tailoring, held on 22nd May A double- spread in the Evening Standard asked "Are you one of the beautiful people?

Simple test: Can you get in to the dell'Aretusa? Pritchard c. It read 'Wanted - super secretary for super job with super clothes'. I got the job and started work in the attic as secretary to Mr. Frank Federer and Mr. Henry Keith who owned a clothing manufacturing company based in Bolsover Street called 'Keith Federer' which traded with the 'Kweens' label. On the ground floor of the shop was a retail space and a door to a stock room. The second floor comprised the directors' offices and an empty floor space for modelling the clothes for prospective buyers.

All the garments sold in the shop had the 'Kweens' label and were sold to independent boutiques all over the country. There was a garment called 'Pan Pan' which consisted of a very short dress with round neck and cap sleeves. Hundreds of these, in different colours, were produced and the factory worked flat out. They were very popular. I was expected to work long hours. Often, just as I was going home an extra letter or two were found for dictation and, when Henry discovered my train got me to the office half an hour early, he quickly utilised it.

If he had a client in the showroom and no one else was available I had to find time to model the clothes too! There were two or three assistants in the shop and I believe a Mr.

Kings road cafe chinese american girl

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