How to make phone conversations interesting

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Talking on the phone can be awkward. I mean, in all seriousness, who really calls each other any more? While you may still dial up your grandma every now and then to check in, the age of phone calls has definitely diminished. At least in your personal life. Over time, their advice has helped me to relax into a conversation. So, next time you have a call for work, try incorporating some of these go-to conversations starters. Get specific, and the conversation will evolve naturally from there. I thought of you when I saw that big New York Times article this morning about travel in the Maldives.

It was so interesting. Did you get a chance to read it yet? So many professionals spend their days running in and out of meetings. Digging into what someone is focusing on gives them the opportunity to reflect and digest before they switch gears to your call. Plus, it will give you interesting insights into their day-to-day that could become useful at another time. Follow the organization and specifically their HR team on social channels for inspiration.

Your team get-togethers always look so fun on Instagram. Does your office do bagel Fridays every week? I saw on Twitter that your CEO just celebrated five years at the helm. Did you celebrate the work anniversary? I was really impressed by the new rebrand. I love the font of the logo. Were you involved in that at all? If you set up the conversation through a scheduling app or dial-in, briefly touch on that process. It will also give you a moment to gather yourself before diving in. I realized. They have this pesky requirement that you download the app. Did you manage it okay? Thanks so much for arranging the call.

Let me know if you have any trouble hearing me at all. These conversation starters are just the beginning. The more you practice feeling comfortable on phone, the less likely you are to seem awkward every time you pick one up. Start with these tips, and ask some of your friends for their ice breakers, too. Everyone and I mean everyone has struggled with phone calls at some point—we all benefit from brushing up on our conversation starters now and then.

How to make phone conversations interesting

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