How to make a guy feel like shit

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Lets face it women, Most of you are Mean as hell.

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Because of that, most of you like to have the upper hand in any relationship. Women, you care a lot more about your status in a relationship which makes you have the upper hand. And open scene two… Doc walks in. You see everyone, I like to observe this kind of stuff, I watch and learn and to be quiet honest with you, I have lived it time and time again. Its kind of my thing. For most of you thoroughly emasculating your man will not happen over night. It takes time to rebuild a stubborn man and make him your bitch. But I know you can.

I had one do it to me, and I am the most stubborn man on the planet. Most you women have time to sit and think of ways to do it. I know this, I live it. Now ladies it is down right impossible to emasculate your mate without first getting him emotionally involved with you. If you are hanging with the type of guy who tears up at movies, who believes in love, and who loves to watch his girl laugh, this should be easy for you.

Hell, he is probably already head over heels for you. Now if your dating a secure, striking man who has a successful past with women. Ladies you will have to make yourself better than the rest of the pack. If you can be cool under pressure, spiritual, and great and experimental in bed, all at one time, that son of a bitch will say he loves you.

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You caught him, hook, line and sinker. Now that you have that idiot floating on cloud nine, its time to burst his bubble, bring him back to earth in a flaming crash. First of all, tell him you need to re-think the situation and ask him for space. This will show your punching bag boy toy the simple lesson that is up to you to decide when you all will be together. Be careful though, many men know that this split is a good for the beginning of the end.

Its all about timing. You will loose the gleam you worked for and will be put into the heartless bitch category. But if he was truly in love with you, he will wait and try, and you can take your time to fuck old boyfriends, fuck new boyfriends, then when your done its time to take the guy back.

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Now right after you tell him this, it is your job as the bewildering gender to tell him that you want him to change every thing about him. Everything that makes him…him. If he stays with you and he does what you say, becomes a new person and changes everything about himself, your on the path to a complete emasculation.

But be careful, he does have friends who want him to keep his family jewels. So you got him doing everything you say, what he wears, where he works, what he spends his money on, when he goes out, and how he sleeps. It is time to work on his friends.

Those beer drinking, bar going, pool playing friends of his are always trying to get him drunk and to take him places where he will have a good time. Ladies, if that happens, your goal of total emasculation will not be obtained. You must take his friends out of the equations. Tell him how crazy they are, or how creepy they are.

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Tell him you feel like your being raped with there eyes. Get emotional and freaked out about how they make you feel when your near them. Now that you have complete and full-blown emasculation, you can dump the ass-hat. Lets face it women, how can you be with a man who lets a woman treat him like this?

A man should be a man. Some one who threatens women, who hears your no, and yells yes, you need someone with balls. Clearly its time to dump him. Maybe, if he really loves you, you can make the sorry sack cry. I mean, you worked hard on taking his balls and ripping his spine out.

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You deserve some sort of disbursement. All the hate, the fights, the wars, and weapons for killing were created by men. We are dumb like that.

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By tearing men down, your helping separate the men from the boys. Women will know who the men are and who is the idiot who lets his woman keep his boys in your purse. You will only be hurting yourself in the end! Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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