How to find a rebound guy

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I personally think finding a rebound is the most effective way to forget an ex, but you have to tread this water carefully.

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A great rebound has a few basic components. The only thing a random booty call does is destroy your self-esteem and make you feel used.

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Not cute and not necessary. This is the key, and often the hardest aspect of finding a good rebound. Everyone knows a good boyfriend is the perfect combination of hot, smart, funny, and rich. If you find a rebound who is only a few of these things, but so completely wrong for you, you neither run the risk of coming off as too clingy and crazy which would only mean your ex wonnor set yourself up for another failed relationship.

Think about it.

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No matter how great the guy you start dating immediately after your ex is, you will always find ways to think about your ex. You were only using him to get over your ex, anyway. Breakups suck, but if you play them right they can be a highly constructive mechanism for bettering yourself, and your love life.

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The rebound boyfriend is a key step in your path to full emotional recovery, and should be used as such. Rebound with caution, but definitely, definitely go for the rebound instead of the other available coping options. this to a friend.

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Pearls Hilton.

How to find a rebound guy

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4 Ways To Find A Rebound That Will Help Heal You Instead Of Setting You Back