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Your Halal Dating Questions. I am speaking to someone online who lives in Australia. I live in Canada. With distance comes time. The time apart could create feelings of being disconnected and out of sync. Due to the national lockdown, many couples are now considered long distance. London — Birmingham — Manchester — Liverpool. Cities in the UK, that between them would sometimes take only an hour or two to reach and now any plans for meeting have been put on hold. With that being said, I would treat this as you would if you were both in the same place experiencing lockdown together.

Any long distance relationship should be met with open and honest communication. In this case, when you are both searching for a spouse — it means being transparent about your goals, your ideal timelines in regards to meeting each other, meeting families, engagement if you wish to have a period of engagement and marriage. With that, the first and most important thing, would be to set an ideal time that you could both meet. Provided borders and lockdown is eased.

With that date in mind knowing this date may need to be amended due to the pandemicyou can both work towards that date with some mutual commitments when it comes to communication. Watch a movie at the same time on zoom, cook something together or watch an Islamic lecture together. I truly believe some conversations are better left for a real date.

Ultimately, during this period, you may well find your conversations already point to an answer for you, without either of you having to meet. Advice and responses are solely based off my own experiences and opinions. Please use your own judgement and seek professional help where needed. By using the website or submitting any questions or stories to Adventures of Halal Dating, you are agreeing to our privacy policy, which can be found here. If you are searching for Islamic guidance, this is not the place.

Loving these blog posts. By chance cookies, anyone? So, my question. I have come to accept guys will talk to multiple girls at the same time. Even the practicing fellas in my life have said they will do the same when their time comes because it is more efficient time wise. Right, my question.

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So, after stuff went well on Muzmatch, one guy said he wanted to get to know me better so asked if we could exchange Snap details. I was reluctant. Snap seems so informal to me. Any who, with a drop of a hat, he was so informal. He was very sincere, you could say; fast to message, calling me sweetie but I felt like it was too informal too soon.

Things ended a few days in and I realised I loved his character but I would have liked someone that revealed all that slower, I guess. Am I too formal for Halal Dating? Is me requesting we move to WhatsApp a big deal, instead of Snap? True connections, are built over time. In my experience, be wary of moving off the app too soon. There are apps that allow messages to disappear within seconds after they are read. In fact, I always recommend to use the apps themselves to get to know each other.

As for the nature of your conversations — go at your own pace. What should I say to him and do in this situation?

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Success Stories. So when this story was sent in, I had to share it! What better way to remind us of all the hope and magic that still exists in the world. So here to tell us about her own journey to finding Mr Right — this is how Serena met Faiz. A mixture of sources, with family it was word of mouth etc. There is this underlying pressure from different avenues, not in an outright way, and a lot of it comes internally I found. Sometimes it was friends, sometimes boredom or curiosity.

I also felt like it was the only way to meet people without sitting on my laurels, so I kept returning to the app. The set backs in between. Getting to know people over and over. There was no one moment but it was a gradual feeling. It started when I got my best friends to meet him; we were both so nervous and it was just a casual dinner. My parents knew too. I was shocked, but more importantly it allowed me to relax and trust my judgement.

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That was the beginning of knowing, or rather the beginning of all the meetings. He continued to meet my friends too. I was very open with my parents; they knew from the first time I met someone and just urged me to be cautious.

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We spoke v. I then wanted to meet fairly soon in person but I happened to be going on a three week holiday abroad. We spoke for the first time a few days before I flew; and we spoke everyday since including at the airport! We meet a few days after I got back and I was still so jet-lagged that I was falling asleep over my dessert.

We had already planned to meet on the weekend too and I was awake this time! About 3 months in he met my parents, by 5 both families had met, and by 6 months he had proposed and we got engaged. I think everyone else saw how much he respected me and thought highly of me, and that helped me to see it too.

Take your time. So I took a break and did what I wanted. For him it was the opposite; I was the first person he met! Lucky eh? Halal Dating Guide. How do you stand out from the hundreds and thousands of profiles that someones swiping through? More importantly, how do you capture someones attention in the 3 seconds it takes for them to swipe left or right? Halal dating can be a strange, frustrating and exhausting experience. There are so many variables, so many questions and so many moments of miscommunication, misinterpretation and misrepresentation — really makes a girl feel like getting that cat is a great alternative to a partner!

Is Amir on the same wavelength? Can you send that emoji? Is that meme inappropriate? Do they drink? Did I offend them by saying hi instead of Salaam?

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I rolled my sleeves up, is that too haram for him? Is my hijab too halal for him? Will his family agree to this? Does he want to get married in 3 months? Do I need to live with his family? Is our halal haraam ratio compatible? Does he put pineapple on his pizza? I could keep going. I cannot stress this enough. A photo will be the first thing someone sees on your profile.

Whilst we all know or at least, I hope we know! Does that mean you have to be the most attractive woman on earth? In fact, this has nothing to do with what you look like and everything to do with the quality and composition of your images.

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Love to play the piano? Love cycling? Our hobbies and interests are all part of who we are and a photo will showcase this so much more than words on a ever will. Let me demonstrate. Binge watching Netflix sounds more interesting that starting a conversation with me. So how can I demonstrate all these character traits through words on a screen?

So other than my obsession with hiking. See what I did there? These statements are not going to suddenly help you weed out all the time wasters or slow texters. The only thing they will do, is serve as a red flag for anyone reading your profile. So first impressions from a profile are all they have right now. Life rarely ever goes to plan and you are human. You are complex and wonderful. You have lived. You are on your own journey and no one but Allah swt has the right to judge you.

So, with that being said, do you really want to live your life with someone that would never accept you for who you are? And do you want to start a potential relationship with lies? Being true to who you are and being honest about this from the beginning is so crucial. Just remember, the nitty gritty should always be left out of your profile and discussed in your conversations together. But, when it comes to the usual profile questions — be honest.

Be you.

Halal dating tips

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