Good sayings for breakups

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If so, please do not do it otherwise you will regret it. If your heart is never broken then fall in love with the wrong person whom you thought was right for you! A broken heart is not that will stop the time on this earth.

So keep moving no matter in what shape your heart is in! I used to think that you were my only happiness but now I realize that you were my temporary happiness. It won't be easy, it will take time, but when you get over them that'll be the best feeling ever.

It didn't happen all of a sudden, you didn't notice the distance that started forming between us. This breakup will hurt but the next one will teach you that nobody is more important than yourself. All the memories come rushing back after a breakup but remember if you break down now then you'll be lost. Everything just fell apart the day we ended it, maybe it wasn't good but it was the right choice. Devastation is what I met after we departed. Even if we cross each other's paths you will not be able to recognize me.

The phase of moving on made me realize that my mind is a true friend of my heart. If you would even have tried to understand my love for you, I would never have let you go. You are living the plans that we made for our future with someone else. Did you think you were in a trial room and trying me out before buying? I am sure it would not have hurt if you looked back that day!

The day we departed was the day I witnessed darkness in life.

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The only condition in my unconditional love was to not stop loving! Our relationship taught me that life is fair to those incapable of loving!

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We were surely not born for each other but we could have at least been with each other. My love was as pure as the diamond that was just out of a mine. The only time I lied to you was when I said I will be happy without you. I was ready to fight for you with any force on earth but I couldn't fight with you.

If your heart has loved once then it will love again. Was I so hard to be loved that you made me hate myself?

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The only thing you gained from our break up is "loss". I thought you were an angel but you turned out to the devil and dragged me to hell. Sufferings will be over when I find the real me that you destroyed. You should have blamed me instead of you. Now I feel like a fool to have trusted you!

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Even when I saw the dagger in your hand, I shared my soul with you. My whole personality was destroyed when you left me. You didn't explain why you left, that's what still haunts me. Breakup hurts the most when you separate from each other without doing anything wrong. Living alone seems very difficult when you have just broken up with someone. After breakup, a man may seem to be ok physically but he is never ok mentally.

It is easy to forget a person but the memories always stay in your mind. You always know that a time like this will come when you will miss her everyday. Time can help you recover from your breakup but it does not heal you completely. You would never be missing her if you made her your first priority. Moving on is not easy if you do not wish to forgive them. Learn to deal with your breakup before your life becomes a mess. Breakup is one of the parts of life which teaches you a great lesson.

Never break your heart running behind people who never care about you. If you think breakup is the end of your life then you have too much to learn. Breakup hurts people but it surely gives back people the freedom that they had lost. If you do not learn to move on then the memories of your love will start destroying you. A breakup is not the end of your past, it's the beginning of something new.

It wasn't just a breakup for me, it was the end of something I cared about most. There's a lot of fish in the sea but losing one broke my heart. I broke up because she wasn't right for me, not because I didn't love her. The thought of us being together was surreal, now it's just me and the broken memories.

You get used to it once you realise you're the only one who can keep yourself happy. It is so sad after a breakup, feels like you lost your life while you're still alive. I lived my life thinking she was the one but later realised it was only me with that thought. Breakups will keep happening but the people who stay are worth living for. Never regret losing someone who didn't love you, that's the worst one can do to themself.

Good sayings for breakups

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