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This is an internationally acclaimed early childhood music program, based on the Johns-Hopkins Research that children 7 and under can learn to read music notation and symbols, eventually, learning to play instruments.

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This dynamic and comprehensive early childhood music program is piano based, and exposes students to additional instruments including violins, guitars, drums, flutophones, and singing. This is a progressive curriculum that gives students a strong musical foundation; students usually stay in it for years before advancing into our Private or Team classes in Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Singing. Students also have the opportunity to perform in school and community events throughout the year.

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Classes are at a set time each week and are between 2 and 6 students. Each class is 30 minutes, packed full of dynamic musical activities, perfectly suited to the attention span of the young .

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These lessons are especially good for the child who is not yet ready to sit through a private half-hour lesson, or for any child who really wants to start any musical instrument, but is not quite ready for the traditional private piano lesson. The class will be led by our specially trained Irvine School of Music early childhood music faculty.

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We keep our class sizes small, between 2 and 6 students — Please call our front desk at to reserve your spot today! All rights reserved.

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Privacy Policy. Music Fun Time students enjoy being exposed to instruments like the violin and ukelele as part of this comprehensive approach. Note reading is fun in Music Fun Time, taught through dynamic games utilizing high quality learning materials, like the Music Fun Time staff board pictured here! Lessons include: Carefully sequenced piano skills Note Recognition ISM Early Childhood Composition Curriculum Music and Movement games Crafts as a tool for teaching rhythmic and melodic concepts Rhythm games with percussion instruments and body percussion Listening to many styles of music Identifying orchestral instruments through listening Mini Rock Band in each class Singing Fun!

Piano - the foundational instrument for progressive and comprehensive musical study - is taught in an age-appropriate and fun group setting in Music Fun Time!

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6 Fun Music Activities & Ideas for Elementary Students