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Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault. The hookup culture is alive and well these days, and many people seek out friends with benefits advice to see if that type of situation is right for them. Sleeping with a friend can seem like an ideal scenario for busy singles. There's physical pleasure without serious commitment, socializing without the ups and downs of a romantic relationship. You can meet every weekend or whenever it works for both of you. However, many people are not wired in a way that is compatible with this type of relationship. Friends with benefits setup can be exciting, and fun but it can also be messy and lead to heartbreak if both people aren't careful and honest about their expectations.

Both people considering a friend with benefits arrangement need to weigh the pros and cons carefully before they jump into bed together. The term friends with benefits are thrown around a lot, so it helps to lay out a concrete definition. It's become a very popular method of dating without attachment, especially in the online dating age. First, let's make it clear what an FWB situation isn't. Friends with benefits should never be seen as a stepping stone toward a committed relationship. Even though relationships do sometimes develop out of what originally started as a casual sex partnership, that should never be viewed as the end goal.

What do friends with benefits do? A friends with benefits situation involves two people with a preexisting friendship sleeping together without any additional commitment. Romance is not involved in the equation, even if you hang out regularly. A friend with benefits is there for sex and fun and little to none of the emotions. You are still both allowed to date whomever you want.

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Friends with benefits are different than one-night stands in that there is more time spent together and the "relationship," as it were, is ongoing. Think of it as a step up from casual hook-ups but below a romantic relationship in terms of intimacy and commitment. If you decide that an FWB relationship may be right for you, consider the following rules to give it the best shot of being a positive, rewarding experience. Know that you can also stop the situation at any time if you're not comfortable.

Keep the lines of communication open for the duration of the relationship. When it comes to sex, hazy boundaries and unclear rules are a recipe for disaster. A friend with benefits is not the same as a stranger you have a one-night stand with. When you're seeing someone over an extended period and being intimate with one another, you must know exactly what both of you expect out of the situation. Ideally, you and your FWB partner should sit down and discuss your ground rules before anything happens.

What are you both expecting? Just sex, or do you still want to spend time hanging out as friends together? That way, each one of you can set your boundaries without conflict. If you have feelings for someone but want a casual FWB situation, do not agree to it unless you want your feelings hurt. While you may think you'll be able to convince them to change their mind over time, that usually is not the case. You may even push them away further if they're looking for something strictly no-strings-attached.

If you know that you're looking for a long-term relationship, FWB fun can be a temporary way of getting your needs met with someone you like but are not serious about. However, don't expect the situation to become anything more than that.

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Part of the friends with benefits arrangement is that it's not exclusive. Both you and the other person are allowed to date whomever you want, at any time. Neither of you has any say over what the other person does. You don't have to reveal anything to each other outside of what is going on between the two of you. Now's the time to be honest with yourself. Has jealousy been a problem for you in past relationships? If so, then it may also rear its head during an FWB situation. If you consider yourself the jealous type, FWB is probably not for you. Just like with any other sexual situation, protecting yourself against unwanted pregnancy and STIs is non-negotiable.

Be honest with one another about your sexual histories. Now is not the time to be shy. A crucial component of a successful FWB relationship is the ability to trust the other person. However, you still need to provide your protection. You have to be honest with yourself whether you're the type of person who becomes easily emotionally attached.

Not everyone can separate feelings and sex, and that's okay. Don't try to talk yourself into the situation, or you'll be setting yourself up for failure. For an FWB situation to work, both people need to be open and honest with themselves and each other. If you've been close friends with someone for a while and you're both single, what could be the harm in getting between the sheets together a few times?

Well, if you value friendship, you must give it careful consideration and make sure you're both looking for the same thing. There are two main possibilities: it could be an extremely satisfying and fun arrangement or turn sour and break the friendship apart. Sometimes it's possible to go back to being friends without the benefits, but there can also be hurt feelings and unrequited attraction that make that impossible.

Cuddling, especially after sex, causes oxytocin, also known as the "bonding" neurochemical in the brain. This is a process that happens on a subconscious level. It causes us to form an attachment with the person we're affectionate with, which is a no-no when you're attempting a strictly friends with benefits situation.

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Hugging and other forms of non-sexual physical touch with someone we're attracted to feel good because of this oxytocin rush. But if you're not careful, it can lead to emotions blossoming for your FWB partner. The whole point of friends with benefits is that there are no strings attached.

Just like there's no room for you to be jealous of the other person, the same goes for them. If you meet someone else you're interested in, don't let your FWB arrangement stop you from pursuing that interest. It's not fair to yourself or the other person to harbor unspoken feelings and still participate as though you don't. If you develop feelings for the person beyond mere friendship, it's best to lay them out in the open as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the other person will reciprocate. But often, it may be best to end the relationship to avoid any hurt feelings or false hope. The most important rule of a friend with benefits arrangement is to keep emotions out of it.

Still, if you've participated in a friend with benefits relationship with someone for an extended period, even if you follow the FWB rules listed above, there may come a time when you ask yourself this question. Every once in a while, an FWB situation organically develops into a romantic relationship. The best way to determine if your relationship has blossomed into something more serious is to have an honest conversation with one another.

No matter how much we may promise ourselves that we won't get emotionally entangled when we're having sex with someone, sometimes it can't be helped. It's not always possible to prevent developing feelings for another person, especially if you're getting intimate with them regularly.

If the other person doesn't reciprocate or is not interested in taking things to the next level relationship-wise, it can be hard to deal with the fallout. As ly mentioned, these situations are not right for everyone. Many people end up in an FWB situation only to wind up negatively affected. If you have experienced an FWB that ended poorly, it can have painful ramifications that resemble a bad breakup, including lowered self-esteem, negative thinking, and even depression in some cases.

A counselor can help you process the reality of the situation, providing emotional support, clarity, and understanding. With a counselor's guidance, you can transform the situation into a learning experience that can lead to more positive relationships in the future. While it is true that friends with benefits relationships normally have an expiration date, it does not have anything to do with time. Certain folks will feel the need to end the relationship after some months, while for others, the relationship can even continue for years or even decades. What matters is the vibe of the relationship, and when that vibe fades, the relationship comes to a halt automatically.

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At a point in most friends with benefits relationships, the couple will realize that they truly want a relationship, but not among themselves. Because a relationship like this is hinged on sex, it will suffer a major setback when the sexual fire between the couple fades. Friends with benefits relationships can be negatively affected by the same problem that most human relationships face: unspoken motives, jealousy, mismatched expectations, secrecy, and the tendency to leverage on the feelings of the other person as a proxy for mental support or therapy.

Researchers have revealed that friends with benefits relationships will work with boundaries and quality communications, especially well for those hoping to switch to friendships. Still, in time, things would become increasingly complicated. To curb any potential messiness that friends with benefits arrangements can bring, you must talk with an expert. Friends with benefits relationships are mutually dependent relationship styles, so you have to reserve some respect for the lifestyle and decisions of the other person. Yes, one of the parties in friends with benefits can fall in love with the other party.

This often happens when the person in love starts digging deeper and attempting to know the other party personally, picking interests in their lives and activities, and breaking the set of rules that keeps the friends with benefits relationship together. When you break from your sexual sessions and focus on the person, you may develop strong bonds with the person that can eventually blossom into a romantic relationship. Also, it can take a great deal of time to convert friends with benefits relationship into a romantic one.

If you want to convert your friends with benefits relationship into a truly romantic one, do not hide your true self from the other party. Please give them the benefit of knowing the true you and let them connect with you on their own accord.

The only time they should reach out to each other is when sex is involved. Although, like every other human relationship rule, there're also exceptions to this. If the reason is genuine and urgent, friends with benefits partners can reach out to the other person to help.

Human feelings are dynamic and sometimes, what is expected is not what happens. Friends with benefits relationships FWB should be exclusive of feelings, but sometimes, it is possible to see the guy falling for you. How do you know he is catching feelings for you? Friends with benefits shouldn't involve leaning on the sides of both parties. Sex should be the only thing holding the friends with benefits FWB relationship together, and when you notice that is coming around even when sex is not involved, it could be a that he is catching feelings for you already.

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When you started, it was all about sex and probably some cuddling. But right now, he wants to hook up or see a movie. When you notice that he starts factoring you into his non-sexual dealing, he is certainly becoming attached to you.

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The whole sex thing should be kept private, and only you to should know about it. But right now, he wants to meet his friends and also hang out with them. When he does this, call him to order because he is already breaking one of the ground rules of friends with benefits relationship. When you notice that your relationship has transcended sex, and he now confides you with some of his dark secrets, you can bet that he is starting to nurse feelings for you. He gives you a listening ear and wants you to disclose more to him.

Friend with benefit rules

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