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Rub while you read or listen to! Think about your fave sex scene from any movie or TV show cough, Bridgerton. Instant heat, right? No doubt, video porn and movie sex scenes are arousal aids. But what if you feel like ditching the screen for more analog options, and swap video for words? The beauty of reading instead of watching sexy scenes — via erotica, for example — is that you're able to fully imagine the scene according to your preferences since there aren't any visual cues of what actors look like, the vibe of the setting, and so.

The is your smutty oyster. You might have a very specific idea of what erotica is, but the category is actually be quite broad. Erotica is any literary or artistic works that has an erotic theme or quality, according to Merriam-Webster, and can range from subtly sexy to straight-up hardcore. Of course, there's a difference between being turned on by an idea versus wanting to do it. But erotica can be your first point of sexual exploration with a particular fantasy, kink, or fetishshe says.

Keep in mind, if you actually want to try the salacious acts you read on theknow that it's not a replacement for sex education — ands it's always important to talk to your partner before experimenting with something new. Beyond the sexy perks, enjoying written erotica and erotic stories offers you the same stress-relieving benefits of reading a book Earth-shattering orgasm or not.

Consider erotica's unofficial motto: "Why be stressed when you could get wet? Luckily, you don't need to hit up a bookstore or load up your Amazon Prime to get in on the goods. Praise be to the internet! Erotica has even more online hubs than it does nicknames — and much of the best online erotica is totally free. We've saved you the Googling. Scroll down for a well-researched, carefully curated list of the best online erotica for women, men, and nonbinary folks alike.

Do you jerk it to scenes of consensual beatings, whippings, and floggings? Or do you prefer strap-on sex and gender play? Hands down hehit's the best destination for kinky, queer erotic stories on the internet. If you saw erotic potential in Twilight Vampires! All of her erotica explores kinky themes like bondage, age play, dominance and submission, caning, and more. Unlike most free erotica archives online, all the work on Remittance Girl is written by the same whip-smart pun very much intendedprovocative, intentional sex-word master.

And consistency, as you may well know, is the key to a good climax. Though Girl on the Net became popular during the spike in interest and availability of audio porn a few years ago, it originally began as a mecca for all things sex. Think: Quirky sex rants, how-to posts, real-life erotic stories, and dirty fantasies. Don't stress; all of that content is still there! Over the last 20 years, the free erotica website has garnered quite an archive of kinky content including erotic stories about group sex, anal, female dominance, paddling, and a lot of submission.

Admittedly, this site is less user-friendly than some. Scroll through the short stories tab for plots that'll have you climaxing in ten minutes or less. Peruse the novels tab for free! Then, after all is read and cum if you don't have sex-braincheck out their resource tab for awesome intel on how to break into the BDSM scene IRL. Literotica is a classic and oh-so expansive. You could stop sleeping, eating, and exercising please don't!

For a sense of scale, there are over 5, stories about anal, 16, stories about different fetishes, and 11, stories about gender-play and cross-dressing. That said, because finding a well-written story can be like finding a guy who's not a douche on Tinder nearly impossible I recommend sticking to the stories on their " Top " list, where you'll find the most popular erotic stories on the site. Another option: Follow the one-minute rule.

If after 60 seconds you're not into the story, search for another. You may want to consider starting a sex journal as a way to explore your sexuality as well. With the tagline "erotica, updated," Aurore is serving up steamy erotic stories that tease, educate, and help you get turned the eff on.

The site divides its content into two types: vanilla, queer, and kink. As of now, there are still only about 20 or so stories in each category — but, trust, what's there is hot. Feeling vanilla? Or, if you're feeling a little kinkier, check out " The Quiet Ones " about sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.

Oh, and do your Instagram feed a freaky favor by giving Aurore a follow. The posts are as empowering and aesthetically pleasing as the stories are. Plus aspiring authors take note! Aurore sometimes hosts workshops about how to write erotica, which they post about on the grid.

Big on picture porn? Regardless, if you're into erotica, you need to know about Bellesa's feminist erotica offerings. For starters, their website is super easy to navigate so you can find exactly what you want. Seeking some girl-on-girl action? Or is tonight more of an exploratory kinda night? Scroll through the on the home and decide between a plethora of feminist erotica.

With additional sections like "non-binary" and "bisexual," Bellesa is one of the most inclusive erotica offerings out there. If you're a nut about character development — in addition to sexy adventures — hit up Bookrix a free, self-publishing platform too access a wealth of free erotic books online. Here's how it works: Type "erotica" into the search bar and scroll down to get to their selection of free online erotic books. The love-child of porn and Audible, Dipsea available now on iOS is an audio erotica app that houses the same sexy scenes as written porn — but it allows you to enjoy the storyline hands-free so you can score some two-handed solo fun.

And, unlike erotica novellas that stop the second you close your eyes, audio erotica keeps on going and going…. If audio porn isn't your thing, no harm, no foul. Tell me a better name for an audio erotica site than Aural Honey. You can't. Another salacious audio erotica option, Aural Honey cuts straight to the point read: sex. And unlike Dipsea, which you'll have to pay for after the first-month trial, Aural Honey's audio erotica is always free. Here's how it works: Go to the site either on your computer or smartphoneclick to the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner, pick one of the admittedly ambiguousand then feast your ears on other people having sex or talking about having sex in very breathy voices.

Speaking of breathy voices, here's how to have non-awkward phone sex. Imagine what Carrie Brhaw would be like if she was a polyamorous bisexual man who attended and hosted! Well, he exists and his name is Zachary Zane. A Brooklyn-based columnist, speaker, activist, and sex educator whose work focuses on bi sexuality, lifestyle, and culture, Zane is the mastermind behind BOYSLUTa weekly substacks newsletter where real sex-havers share the dirty, dank, dark, wet, and wild details about the sex they're having.

While any horny hottie with Wi-Fi can get access to some of these sex stories, only paying subscribers get to consume er, cum to it all. Behold: Lesbian Pulp. Both an Instagram and PatreonLesbian Pump is a platform run by a multi-racial lesbian who writes and memes for a lesbian audience.

On the Instagramyou'll find plenty of free! When you subscribe, you get access to tons of real, compelling first-person sex stories told by women of all different races, sexualities, and kink preferences. You can even submit your own storiesif you want! Added bonus: Every subscription to the platforms includes a donation to the Woodhull Freedom Foundationa non-profit workings towards access to sex education which for the record, we really need.

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Female erotica online

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