Facebook what are pokes

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The Facebook poke is a feature on the Facebook home, and it has a of potential meanings.

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There is also an option with any new poke to reciprocate. For many, this is just a means of saying hello, but other meanings have been suggested that are worth exploration. Facebook informational s explain the poke as a way to say hello or to get the attention of someone.

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It can also be a reciprocal hello, especially when a person has been poked and chooses to respond. Often, this feature is restricted to people in a friends network, but privacy settings are subject to rapid changes on this social platform. Some alternate meanings to the Facebook poke have been suggested.

Of course, not everyone uses this, and people should be fairly certain that both people are likely to understand any sexual connotations of a poke before proceeding to a chat and flooring a friend with far too much private information. Another explanation is that a poke is meant to be mildly, moderately or greatly mischievous. A Facebook poke can also be used in a friend network to play a version of tag.

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People poke each other until the poke comes back to the initiator of a game. Ultimately, the poke is typically what people make of it: mostly a hello, and occasionally more ificant. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion.

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Facebook what are pokes

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What Is a Facebook Poke? Is It Still a Thing?