Emotionally unavailable man wants to be friends

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These are the words that escape your lips. So much hurt. So much pain. So many unanswered questions. If you know why, you can fix it. Men of all ages, all descriptions, all walks of life, from all over the globe. And in all my wonderings and wanderings to find the answers, one thing began to clearly stand out above the rest … he needs you to stop asking him why.

You see what it could be. You know what it has the potential to be. This - THIS! Feel the power of recognizing your own. But on your own terms this time. Your options become limitless when you understand the whole story behind the story. I have a guy that I met over a year ago. We were FWBs for 3 months and he ghosted me.

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I never thought he would come back but he did in December. I was so happy he came back and he was very different. He was more open, more loving, very affectionate and told me several times how happy he was to be with me and thanked me for letting him hang with me. So we remained friends and lovers several more months. During these months, he was more and more open, would buy cereal that he knew I liked, would kiss my face, my forehead, hug me tightly for minutes at a time, so I thought he had changed his mind. But when I asked about it, he ghosted me again. He told me that he would be back but he was leaving for now.

I told him to not come back. Would this type of guy really want a relationship or is he just playing me? Except for this, he is completely a man of his word and he was upfront about not wanting a relationship. I don't know what to do. He was so great to be with and he was even agreeing to go places with me that I wanted to see. This is what happened to me!! Same scenario!! Communication sucked and he was very selfish. I'm sorry this happened to you! I shortly dated a man who checked so many of my boxes.

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He was smart, kind and hardworking. He was also recently divorced. Having been divorced myself two years earlier, the recent divorce was a concern of mine, but he claimed he was ready to move forward and had healed. Dating this man was one of the most difficult dating experiences of my dating life. I simply could not read him. The information he shared about his past, including his marriage, was extremely limited. While the time we would spend together was amazing, he would spend the days after pulling away from me. I would then initiate contact, we would see each other again, we'd have an amazing time, he'd pull away, repeat.

He would never call me. He initiated text communications rarely. He would usually reply, but he was always the one to kill off the text communications. After a mere month, I was completely exhausted and finally addressed it. We spoke in person and I told him the things I was looking for when dating someone - initiation, interest, communication, openness.

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He promised me he would do better. While I knew in the long run it was a blessing, I spent days hoping he'd change his mind. I recognized the red flags had been there since the very beginning but because I liked him so much, I had ignored them.

All I can say is what an exhausting and anxiety inducing dating experience it is dating an EUM. I am slowly recovering. I have been dating a very emotional man.

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He doesn't want to talk about personal problems and feelings. I finally just told him I can't be as uncaring and closed off. He has text me that he could be a bit more available to me. Oh I seriously wanted to tell him not to bother, but instead Im just not answering his messages and giving him time to think.

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Do you think that is a good idea? I was "ghosted" he disappear on me two months ago by a guy i was exclusive with for almost 7 months The photograph you selected for this post cracks me up. Looks just like me in all of my long term relationships - wondering what language I have to use to get through to him - maybe language! I was dating someone who was never the best communicator, but I could always tell he was trying. He was going through a divorce, so I knew I was technically the rebound but he never treated me that way. After about a year with the divorce close to being final or so he saidhe drastically pulled away.

I asked him if he needed a break or wanted to end things and he said no. In his last text to me, he told me he was sorry for being distant and that he cared about me a lot. Said he'd be in touch soon. After I hadn't heard from him in a month I sent him a text to check in. He was kind of formal, didn't even apologize for disappearing but said he wanted to catch up soon. And now another month has gone by since that second lie. We live in different cities, so I feel like he's taking the easy way out because there's not much chance of us running into each other.

But I'm so hurt and confused. I realize it was never a committed relationship, but neither of us was seeing anyone else and we became close. I came to consider him a friend and confidant. I never doubted his feelings for me, but now that he's disappeared it's all doubt. I never thought he was using me for sex because we didn't get to see each other that often. But it seems like he must have been using me for something because how do you just turn your back on someone if they mean anything to you? How could he keep pretending everything was fine and telling me he cared if he was just going to bail?

Why not even a simple text to say it was over? I don't even deserve that in his eyes?? I never really pushed him on the issue in my last text because he told me he'd been having a hard time dealing with his kids around the holidays and I thought I should tread lightly. So I can't stop wondering if I should try reaching out one more time to let him know that ghosting isn't ok. But then I think he must know that, right? Backing him into a corner probably wouldn't help.

And I don't want to force an apology out of him. I only want it if he means it. But I'm having a hard time getting over feeling like I never meant anything to him and the whole thing was a lie. And even though I'm really angry and hurt, I still miss him.

I just feel stuck.

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What the Emotionally Unavailable Man Needs From YOU