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I want to be able to win more than HALF my games or else the game is just not enjoyable.

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Jeff states "matchmaker predicts each side has an equal chance to win. There are a lot of TI pubs going on right now. You will never see 5 TI players vs 5 nobodies. If it was truly random, you would have these type of pubs.

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It's not "oh this guy has won some games so we'll put him with tilted people next game. Can you tell me how the matchmaker would decide to match a team of 10 players that were all exactly mmr, US East and English only?

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Randomly, it doesn't matter. MMR isn't a one game calculation, bud. If you're better than your mmr, you win until you aren't, and then you trend to If you're worse than your mmr, you lose until you aren't, and then you trend to It's not a very confusing concept, it's amazing so many dota players are too stupid to understand it. I think you are too stupid to understand. Gaming is a Zero Sum Game.

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I am not talking about my low skilled bracket or your bracket. How can the best players in the world only win HALF their games even at their skill level without outside forces at play? View all comments And who should have to lose more to feed your ego? Holy shit man, put the fucking copium down. You're ODing. Yep, and the highest skill players do, and then they trend toward

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