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Vampires are rendered not as monsters, but keepers of prophetic wisdom. Wasted potential, at least in the eyes of one very cool vampire couple dreamt up by none other than art film darling Jim Jarmusch. For Adam, zombie refers to the living who blindly follow capitalist routines and manipulation without question of their exploitation or its larger implications. Aside from feeding off blood, although largely sourced from a hospital blood bank rather than the warm necks of the living, the couple is relatively normalized for vampires.

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Many of the common motifs are surpassed; there are no mirrors, bats, nor nightmarish hauntings of the living. We look into their world without suspense as they struggle, in their own way, through life. Having seen centuries, Adam and Eve offer an expanded experience of human time and human knowledge. This elongation of life reflects through an unconventional soundtrack. This elongated, droning time points toward a different kind of haunting: one in which the thoughts, memories, writings, inventions, theories, and art—some of which promised a different and perhaps better future—roam the Earth as the material undead spirits of those past.

That they seemingly have endless monetary streams that allow a distanced flaneur-esque lifestyle with all the comforts of first-class seating indicates their opinions of humanity as pretentious. They are only too quick to point out all the ills of the world and zombie lifestyle without attempting to enact change.

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There are also hints at the need to stop material production, that the continued production and consumption of new objects is killing us. They tend to reuse and care for existing material culture as opposed to buying and creating anew.

And what more perfect archivist of human culture than a vampiric memory?

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Having lived through the rise and fall of many civilizations and states of power, their centrifugal perspective allows them to look beyond the time-space structures and knowledge of mortal humans. Seen from the fringes, Adam and Eve offer an almost geologic- or celestial-scaled of our history, and in particular the Anthropocene. This experience of time repositions humankind, and it is from here that we are able to see the fear of imagination: rather than almighty, it is a destructive force within a larger ecology of life on Earth unable to aid even itself.

Humanity has pushed past the point of no return, and still it cannot see outside of immediate desire. At one point the protagonists, still alive, acknowledge as they are in the car awaiting a zombie mob that they are in a movie reciting the lines of a script as though to metaphorically tie to our real-world inability to steer ourselves toward a different future, despite seeing the iceberg ahead. This seems to be the question reflected to us, even if inflected with all the pessimism of the horror genre. For what is horror if not the musing of our collected fears?

Imagine the frustration Adam and Eve must face after centuries of disappointment. The very objects, memories, and ideas of genius past laid to waste will forever haunt them as they watch human civilization burn. As they show us the acute site of our demise fear of imagination and disregard for the creations of those who dare to imaginethey also reflect back the shame we feel in our inability to change.

We are caught in a vicious circle, desperately gasping for air we already attain. The Hauntings of a Jarmuschian Undead. Get Tickets. Become a Member. Log In. Walker Art Center Close Search.

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Dating the undead magazine

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Dating the Undead