Can you hook up a verizon phone to metropcs

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Sprint Prepaid offers dependable, nationwide coverage for voice and data. To view the coverage in your area, select the combination of voice and data cover you want to see, then enter an address or just your zip code in the fields to the right.

Green regions denote voice coverage. Orange, blue and purple regions denote data coverage.

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Nationwide Sprint Network. This tool provides high-level estimates of our wireless coverage.

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Coverage is not available everywhere and varies based on a of factors. Our coverage maps provide high level estimates of our coverage areas when using your device outdoors under optimal conditions. Coverage isn't available everywhere.

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Estimating wireless coverage and al strength is not an exact science. There are gaps in coverage within our estimated coverage areas that, along with other factors both within and beyond our control network problems, software, al strength, your wireless device, structures, buildings, weather, geography, topography, etc. Services that rely on location information, such as E depend on your device's ability to acquire satellite als typically not available indoors and network coverage.

Estimated future coverage subject to change. Where can I get a SIM card and activate my phone? What plans are available when I bring my own phone? Will my phone need to be unlocked and will it affect my network settings? Will all my phone features and services work when I bring my phone? What are some recommended tips before activating my phone? Can I buy a used phone and bring it to Boost Mobile? What should I do if I have a hardware problem with my phone?

What happens to my AppleCare if I bring over my phone? Can I but an unlocked phone in one of the national retailers and activate it on Boost Mobile services? How do I know if my phone is eligible? My phone is locked, what do I do? A SIM Subscriber Identification Module card is a specially programmed microchip that stores network identification data only.

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No personal information is stored in these SIMs. It identifies the user to the network. Each SIM Card is compatible with specific phones. Please use care when handling the SIM Chip. If the phone has been activated in the past on Boost Mobile, there will be a reactivation fee. Any current monthly Boost Mobile prepaid plan is available. It is important to have the correct IMEI for your phone registered with Boost Mobile to ensure that your phone can be activated on the Boost Mobile network. Your old carrier will have to domestically unlock your phone before you can bring it to Boost Mobile. Please contact the carrier to unlock the phone.

Sometimes if the phone is locked it may still be under financial obligation from the carrier. If you need to resolve the financial obligation, please contact the carrier to resolve. Unlocking your phone will not necessarily make it interoperable with the Boost Mobile network. In other words, a phone deed for one network is not compatible with another network merely by unlocking it.

Additionally, unlocking a phone may enable some functionality of the phone but not all e. Visit a Boost Mobile store or boostmobile. Unlocking your device will not necessarily make it interoperable with the Boost Mobile network. Not all plan services or device features may be available including International Roaming, Mobile Hotspot, MMS multi-media text messagessome browsers, some Boost Mobile products, or eCare native management applications.

For Apple phones domestic roaming may not be available. Not doing so will require the Google credentials of the user where applicable Turn your phone off and then back on after you insert the Boost Mobile SIM Card. Activate your device over a Wi-Fi network. A phone deed for one network is not compatible with another network merely by unlocking it as there are other checks that would block it from being compatible such as if the phone was ly reported lost or stolen.

Due to this limitation, some phones aren't compatible. If you have an AppleCare agreement, please refer to the terms and conditions of your agreement. Visiting an Apple Store may be best to help you troubleshoot your issue under your AppleCare agreement. AppleCare moves with your phone. Your AppleCare agreement should remain active if you bring your phone. Many unlocked devices offered in national retailers are compatible with Boost Mobile service. To check compatibility, please visit boostmobile.

Can you hook up a verizon phone to metropcs

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