Bullmastiff puppies for sale in arizona

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Cayenne was imported from Poland. She has a wonderful demeanor and personality to match. Boasts an excellent pedigree, full of Champions including both of her parents! This isour gorgeous Serbian Import girl.

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She is a fawn brindle, unofficially known as a "reverse brindle". This is due to the fawn part of her coat being predominant. This gives her a more dramatic look, tiger-like you might say. She has excellent conformation and pedigree. Extremely sweet and reserved personality. Protective of her family and home. Super sweet, excellent temperament, outstanding pedigree. Takes after her momma and is already a big, thick girl. She will be having her first litter in Can not wait to see what she produces!

Breeder : Desert Sky Bullmastiffs. Beautiful red girl with excellent conformation. Pink enjoys spending her days napping, playing and of course stalking us for treats and snuggles. This silly girl loves to talk when she wants some attentionand makes the best cuddle buddy! Also is very protective of her home, great guarding instinct. Sweet, protective, fearless. Very docile with people and the rest of the crew. Even with her very large size she is so gentle with puppies. A very welcome wonderful addition to our program! Very pleased with her conformation and temperament.

Smart, brave and independent. Loves her people and aims to please! Beautiful conformation, excellent pedigree and a very welcome addition to the Desert Sky crew! Sweet, brave and very into her people. A lover through and through! Beautiful conformation, excellent pedigree and that gorgeous reverse brindle coat like her momma! Beautiful fawn girl from outstanding, Champion parents. Smart, sweet, protective and independent she is an absolute love, we adore her! Excellent temperament. He is brave, loyal, playful yet stoic. Weighing in at lbs, he is lean and muscular.

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His litters are very colorful, we've had fawn brindles, red brindles, "reverse brindle", fawns, red fawns and reds. Sweet personality, beautiful conformation, nice pedigree. He's is something special! From our and Hank Jr. Stunning fawn boy with a beautiful disposition. Great bone and conformation. Beautiful, sweet, tiger boy Baldr comes from our and Waylon litter. He is very loving and affectionate. Possesses strong instinct to guard. Future Stud here!

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This handsome guy comes from our Cayenne and Riot litter. He takes the best from both mom and dad. A lover, smart, brave and loyal. He boasts a beautiful red coat, excellent conformation and pedigree. Stud services available to health tested, conforming, approved bitches ONLY. Chilled Fresh semen, shipped via overnight for those located out of state.

Puppies will have all age appropriate vaccinations and deworming. They will be working on potty training and socialization. You are welcome to skip a breeding if the price point is out of your budget. Otherwise, you may pay the difference. This litter will be stunning, show quality pups. If they're anything like mom, they will also be excellent, guardians.

Very nice pedigree. Grandpa on mom's side went to Westminster in2 Bullmastiff. These babies will not disappoint! Deposits are nonrefundable but are transferable. Moved here from Phoenix, AZ to pursue my passion, Bullmastiffs! Wanted to have a comfortable climate for the dogs and room for them to get all the exercise and exploring they desired. We only produce a few litters a year. This allows the mommas to recuperate and be pets, which they all are!

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Lap dogs, in the house, car rides, park, camping. They are family and treated as such. Happy, healthy, well cared for dogs should be the standard for any breeder, though we know all too often this is not the case. So in doing my part, I hope you too will make a point to research and find a reputable breeder when choosing your new family member!

Your new baby will be ready to come home at 8 weeks old. They will have had their first vaccination, been dewormed and examined by our veterinarian. You will be required to have puppy examined by your veterinarian within 3 business days to make sure we are on the same in regards to their health.

At that time your vet should set up your vaccination schedule which should be completed by 16 weeks or sooner. This means nowhere outside of your home or your backyard and of course the vets office. While at the vet, it is best to hold your pup or keep them in a crate to avoid picking up any diseases. I encourage you to bring a crate and potty p to transport your pup for the ride home. It is NOT advised to take your pup out for potty breaks on the ride home, hence the crate and potty p. This will help avoid areas where other dogs have been and keep your pup safe from potential diseases.

You will receive a bag with the pups things. This includes their AKC registration, microchip info, health record, toy and a small amount of their current food. Driving or flying with your new baby are the two options for transportation.

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Our location is Chino Valley AZ If you live more than a few hundred miles away, it might be more economical to fly into Phoenix, Sky Harbor International Airport. Your puppy would need to fly by 8 weeks of age as they will not fit in a carrier for much longer after that. The carrier needs to be able to fit under your seat, usually the weight limit is around 20 lbs.

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For most airlines, No documentation is needed to transport the puppy this way, just an approved, soft sided carrier. But it is recommended you call and confirm what documents are required for each airline you are considering, PRIOR to booking your flight. If you'd prefer this option, we can recommend an approved, expanding carrier to help your pup be as comfortable as possible. If you decide to go with this option, flight nanny fee would need to be paid via Zelle, 10 days prior to departure, no exceptions. Pups will not be transported with any delivery companies, no exceptions. Their health is more important to me than saving money and using this option.

If you need further clarification on transportation options and details, please feel free to contact me. Visits are always a welcome distraction from our everyday routine. No visits will be scheduled one week prior to expected litters due dates, nor the 3 weeks following their arrival. During the hottest and coldest months, visits will be limited to special circumstances only. Our visits take place outdoors and it is preferred to not subject the dogs or ourselves to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time, therefore we have blocked out June 15th through September 15th.

Winter months will be less restricted and based on current weather conditions. Contact for further details or to request a visiting appointment. This is for the safety of our animals as well as yours. During visit, Puppies are only to interact with their owners, myself, my employees and my veterinarian, when necessary. Puppies are susceptible to disease and this is the best way to keep them from being accidentally exposed to those diseases.

Molly is the sweetest kindest girl you'll ever meet. She is stocky and thick with a beautiful head. Her pups are amazing, take a look at our Instagram - desertskybullmastiffs, to see her litter with Hank Jr. She now resides with one of our very own Desert Sky Alumni families that she has known for quite some time. She is happy as can be!

Our beautiful fawn girl Mayhem. She is protective and loyal. Extremely agile and athletic. Makes gorgeous pups who are very intelligent and well balanced. Tonka is a fun loving goofball. Sweet and loyal.

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Hasn't met a person she didn't like. Great demeanor. She comes from our very own Bella x Shaq. Nice conformation and pedigree. Beautiful, luscious, fawn coat. Chino Valley, Arizona, United States. Powered by GoDaddy.

Meet the girls Cayenne Cayenne Cayenne. Cayenne Cayenne. Payson Cayenne Fancy Pink. Tundra Fancy Pink Whiskey. Whiskey Fancy Pink Whiskey. i i i. Keila i i. Scarlett Beautiful fawn girl from outstanding, Champion parents.

Bullmastiff puppies for sale in arizona

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