Best way to hook up on okcupid

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I'm really looking for fun in my city but I'm only here for 2 months. I only really ever use OKcupid for actual long term dating but I figure I might as well try for a summer fling, fwb type thing instead. How does one actually do it? Any tips on how to message girls looking for casual hookups? EDIT: I'm pretty hopelessly bad, This is an all out new frontier for me friends :D example messages, how to set up profile, etc all needed, any tips are good.

I also am not really deet on fucking without consideration for the girls humanity, I'm just bored, so even just hanging out no expectation for the night would be rad too. Search for chicks who list casual sex and message them. But remember the golden rule that almost all dudes forget. They still like to be treated like people. Yeah I fully agree with that, I'm not actually that focused, fun night chilling is fun anyway. But how do I create this casual hookup expectation in the messages? Be sexual with women who seem into that kinda thing, but tease into it like a slow boil.

There are plenty of women looking for the casual thing out there. Your messages should be fun and a little risky to send, thats the line.

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Im much better at hook ups than I am dating romantically -- but thats prob because I have trust issues. Use a line like this at the appropriate moment not first message! Mention on your profile that you're leaving in 2 months. That'll filter out the ones looking for something serious. Message women looking for short-term dating. Don't be a creep, just ask them out for drinks. See what happens. There's a thread not too far back full of women complaining about how annoying it is for them to get casual sex on OkC. Find it and read it. Everyone I match on tinder use it to find friends or something serious.

I'm completely new to this side of things.

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That is not even true. Tinder has evolved into a legit dating app. Just date, be respectful, and be honest about what you're looking for. There's plenty of women who are either looking for the same thing out at least who are happy to entertain it while they look for something more serious. Use the site, a lot of women want something casual, but don't actually like broadcasting that since it tends to happen anyway. Based on personal experience, you might consider -- as a safer and less humiliating alternative -- repeatedly whacking your testicles with a bicycle chain.

Check off short term dating on your profile, look for other women who have short term dating checked off. We all know what it means. Some vocal shitty dudes have poisoned the casual sex option so women are generally more circumspect about it. Message them like you would anyone else, go out on a date or two with them like you would with anyone else, go in with no expectations because being pressured isn't fun and sometimes despite intentions there really isn't any chemistry. Before sex happens have the, "so what are you looking for?

Don't lie. Uh, like every other dude on OKCupid? I think it's harder to find guys who actually want to date rather than guys who just want one night stands, so ladies are pretty used to it. Just make your intentions clear in your messages if you don't want to feel like a dick like, hey just here for the summer so not sure I want anything serious but I'd love to hang out. Are women on OK just constantly getting hookup stuff?

I'm asking for when I move to another town for school. Found the internet! How does a man go about using OK for casual hookups? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. This doesnt work for everyone, but its my strategy for hook ups. This would totally do it for me. That's some solid advice right there. Use tinder. I have a hard time not just getting casual hookups.

Its really not THAT hard. Have fun. More posts from the OkCupid community.

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Best way to hook up on okcupid

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How does a man go about using OK for casual hookups?