Learn by watching a video on how to create a receipt entry in Tally.
Inventory Vouchers: These vouchers are effect on inventory reports in the business.You can create, delete or modify other vouchers as per your requirement.Must Read: How to create new financial year in active company of Tally ERP.Its amount collected from various proprietors at the time of formation of company.Dear Friends, today we are discuss on How many Voucher Types in Tally.Examples include Cash Payment and Bank Payment vouchers where the relevant predefined voucher is Payment Voucher.One last question : What according to you are the basic vouchers in Tally that every beginner should know in order to run and operate Tally with ease?
In simple words, whenever there is no cash account or bank account involved it is a journal entry.
In Tally there are four basic accounting vouchers namely, Contra Entry, payment Entry, receipt Entry, journal Entry.
Enable Allow narration in voucher to give a common narration for voucher.Basic accounting entries require you to understand basic accounting vouchers in Tally.Now, I am sure you can easily create Basic Accounting Vouchers or accounting entries in Tally.It is the exact opposite of a payment entry.First of all in such a case only one entry is posted related to capital of the company.If the effective date is entered, the overdue/ageing will be considered from the effective date and not from voucher date.When the payroll feature is enabled, the number of pre-defined voucher types.Set the Default title to print on invoice to print the same title for POS invoice.Give own prefix and suffix details for the voucher numbering.

I have tried my best to explain the four basic accounting vouchers to be entered in Tally.
You may have two or more sets of Sales Vouchers for different kinds of sales transactions for example, credit sales, cash sales, and.
It can be explained with suitable example: Suppose a person start a siness then for this purpose it can contribute amount.5, 00, 00, and 000 at the time of formation of company.