Estels Voucher Management System (VMS) is an operator grade software platform for management of financial inventory of a kortingscode greetz ballon prepaid business.
However, we will be discussing conceptually some of the basic components of the BSS system without going into the technical details.
The mediation engine can handle CDRs from various sources The MSC, the local office, the smsc etc.Charging Charging of customers can be done in two ways: pre-paid (online) charging and post-paid (offline) charging.Each component of this tariff plan has an offer attached.For example, a chargeable event will be generated for a missed call, or a failed call setup.VMS allows subscribers to add funds to their accounts within the home network or in roaming networks regardless of location, time of day or model of phone.When the subscriber dials out a number, the local office checks whether the subscriber has enough balance in his/her account.Our secure, self-adhesive scratch labels can be applied to a variety of carriers, such as cards or leaflets - perfect for promotions, competitions or detail-rich communications.Inap stands for Intelligent Network Application Part and is the top most layer of the SS7 protocol stack.Once this rating is completed, the CDR is known as a rated-CDR.Conclusion: The domain of BSS is huge and it is not possible to cover all aspects in a single post.
In todays competitive markets and complex value chains, it has expanded further to include among others Roaming, wholesale operators, and resellers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Content Providers and E-Commerce.
Network elements such as the local exchange (office smsc (Short Message Service Centre) etc generate these chargeable events towards the charging platform.
For example, all calls made between users belonging to a closed user group will be cheaper as compared to the calls made outside the group.
The figure below shows the post-paid charging of a data call in cdma: The data call path bifurcates from the PCF Packet Control Function, which is a logical function of the Base Station Controller as shown above.However, this post provided an introduction to some of the important concepts of this area and how the BSS connects to network elements of a telecom system over standard interfaces.Ltd, All Rights Reserved.The illustration below explains the relationship between these concepts: The figure above represents a tariff plan.Finally, the content component refers to the purchase of premium content such as movies, ringtones and ebooks from an operators application store for example.Menu, april 14, 2018, nexNet Solutions offers best in class Voucher Management System (VMS) offering a secure and flexible prepaid service recharge solution that supports multiple payment gateways.Home Products Voucher Management, it is critical for prepaid service providers to ensure ease of availability of prepaid starter kits, calling cards or recharge vouchers at all times to maintain customer satisfaction in a competitive market environment.Once the free call" is zero, normal charges apply to all subsequent calls.There were also Web Service interfaces used for charging in some legacy systems.This is similar to the voice call free usage counters discussed in the example earlier.If the conversation ends is less than 10 minutes, for example the call duration is just 3 minutes, the local exchange sends a message to the charging platform and only USD.5 will be deducted by the pre-paid platform at the end of the call.Now, this rated CDR file is pulled by the mediation engine.The final rate to be applied is calculated based on the tariff plan, offers and discounts applicable on the base plan and the validity of the offers.At the time of informing the local exchange that the calling party has sufficient balance and the call can be connected, the validity time is also conveyed by the SCP.