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issue, emission; von Befehlen : issue, issuance, briefing; nach Ausgabe des Befehls after the order was / had been issued.
Ausgeben 1 distribution; giving out; serving die Ausgabe des Essens erfolgt.
Inform output no pl ; (Druckausgabe.) print-out eine Ausgabe am Terminal a screen output.Von Aktien, Briefmarken etc.) number * * * Ausgabe.» We were forced to pay cash since the card machine was not working.Template:S1eps # Image Title Airdate 01 Pilot September 19, 2011 Max, a hard working waitress, soon finds.Computer-related shares, which have been strong performers lately, fell as investors cashed in gains ( to receive their profits ).Pay cash to pay for something immediately with money or a cheque, rather than at a later time: Are you paying cash or do you have an korte cyclus hoe lang zwanger account?( Ausgabestelle ) counter, desk, office.
release; die letzte Ausgabe der Tagesschau etwa the late news (headlines oder bulletin).
Cash equivalents on balance sheets include securities (.g., notes) that mature within 90 days.
Kein pl (Austeilung) distribution, giving out; ( Aushändigung.) handing out; von Befehl, Fahrkarte, Dokument issuing Ausgabe von Fahrkarten am Schalter 2 Window 2 for tickets, tickets issued at Window.
Kein pl BÖRSE ( Herausgabe ) issuing; von Anleihen.
( eines Buchs etc ) edition; (Buchexemplar) copy; einer Zeitschrift : issue, number; Nachrichten etc : release; die letzte Ausgabe der Tagesschau etwa the late news (headlines oder bulletin).
Transitive cash something in finance to exchange an investment for cash: A cut in Spanish interest rates caused him to cash in his Spanish government bonds.
) issue 3) ( one issue of a magazine: the autumn number.Digital cash E-cash (.Intransitive to profit from a situation, sometimes in a way that other people may consider wrong or unfair: cash in on Counterfeiters are trying to cash in on the huge demand for Levi jeans.No higher resolution available.Retrieved from " g?oldid9104 ").( für on) seine Ausgaben überstiegen seine Einnahmen his outgoings exceeded his income 4) ( Edition, Auflage) edition * * * Ausgabe.Cash cash 2 verb, banking cash a cheque/postal order/draft etc to exchange a cheque etc for cash: Can you cash my traveller's cheques here?Usually includes bank accounts and marketable securities, such as government bonds and Banker's Acceptances.ausgaben einschränken curtail ( oder limit) expenditure; Einnahmen und Ausgaben receipt and expenditure; laufende Ausgaben current expenses, running costs: einmalige Ausgaben non-recurrent ( oder one-time) expenses.Hard cash NON-cash (.Take/accept cash » Be warned: most gas stations in the area take cash only.Cash in your chips informal finance to sell all your investment in something cash out phrasal verb intransitive finance to sell an investment: cash out of The fund doubled its money when it cashed out of Louisiana Gas.Issue die Ausgabe von 19 edition alte Ausgaben back issues; ( Version ) version.The value of assets that can be converted into cash immediately, as reported by a company.

Handing out; ( Verteilung ) distribution; von Essen ; serving.
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Pl (Kosten) expenses, costs die staatlichen Ausgaben state spending no pl, no art * * * die 1).